Top 3 reasons Not to buy a gun safe at a big box store

The Top 4 Reasons NOT to buy a Gun Safe for Sale at a Big Box Store

Gun Safes for Sale at big box stores are more often, than not, designed and manufactured to meet the pricing demands that the big box stores require to compete with other big box stores as well as other online retailers. Little attention is paid to the level of security, quality of construction, steel thickness, inner steel liners, number and size of locking bolts, lock, and such accessories as Electric Outlets, USB Ports, Dehumidifiers and Interior Lighting kits.

While you may think you are getting a good buy because you have compared prices based on the size of the safe, you should consider the following reasons NOT to buy a gun safe at a Big Box store:

1. Does the Big Box store offer assistance from trained personnel that can address your questions about the comparisons you have made between their safes and other manufacturers' safes? For example... can they explain why steel thickness matters? Can they tell you the type of insulation used in their safes? Can they explain why concrete insulation is better than brittle insulation boards? Can they tell you if their gun safes have an inner steel liner? Can they tell you why having an inner steel liner is important? Can they tell you the proper way to bolt a safe to a wood floor vs a concrete floor? Beware!

2. Can or does a Big Box store offer "after-the-sale" service? Will they send a technician out to fix a door that is sagging? What will they do if you are locked out of the safe? Can they install an upgraded dial, keypad or biometric lock, if wanted? Will they relocate the safe for you should you decide to move to a different residence? Can they replace broken components or shelves within the gun safe? Beware!

3. What Guarantees or Warranty do they make? Is their Warranty conditional? What are the conditions? What is the term length of their Warranty? What happens after that term has expired? Are parts and labor covered separately? Remember, you are dealing with both mechanical and possibly electronic components. Stuff happens. At some point you will probably need service. Do they offer a Warranty or a Guarantee in writing? Is it specific... are details discussed at length? Beware!

 4. Most Big Box stores and online retailers will use a 3rd party to deliver your safe. The 3rd party delivery company probably will not have bonded employees. Are they adequately insured? Do you want to have an un-Bonded person knowing that you have a safe in your home? Beware!

Buying a gun safe may seem to be a daunting task. Let common sense help you make a decision where to buy a gun safe that will house and protect some of your most valuable possessions. Should you consider buying a gun safe from a professional safe dealer that specializes in safe and vault sales and services... or from a Big Box store that offers VERY limited or only one gun safe option and also sells sporting goods, ham steaks, oat milk, vitamins, beachwear, umbrellas, tires and taco shells?

Let the Buyer Beware!

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