The Truth About Gun Safes

The truth about gun safes

MERIK puts back more steel into the construction of gun safes.  MERIK manufactures "REAL GUN SAFES." "Gun Cabinets” are widely advertised and sold as “Gun Safes” throughout the security industry, online retailers, and in big box stores. MERIK builds safes up to higher standards, many of which were removed by other manufacturers and retailers in order to sell down to a low price point, rendering most safes virtually ineffective against a tool attack.  Our specifications and features speak for themselves. 

Gun Safe Designs, Specifications, and Features Matter

Make time for what matters

Most safes are plain in appearance, but many MERIK models are uniquely designed having a 21st-century appeal for the discerning buyer. Why?  We feel that our safe and vault designs offer the buyer the ability to coordinate the gun safe into the décor of their home or office so the owner has quick access to their firearms. The industry has been trained to hide safes thinking that an intruder will not find the safe. They usually do, but intruders know that they generally only have 15 to 20  minutes before law enforcement shows up if an alarm is activated. We also feel that an intruder is more likely to try to compromise a safe when the safe is located in a garage, a closet, or in a basement, because it may be out of sight and those locations restrict the level of noise associated with a prying attack, grinding tool or drilling attack.

Where should a Gun Safe be placed within a Home?

Where to place a safe in your home

Let’s look at another scenario and try to keep the politics of our 2nd Amendment Rights out of the discussion for now. Imagine hearing an intruder force open your front or rear door. Will you ask the intruder to wait a few minutes while you run down into the basement or out into the garage to access your firearms to protect your family? of course not. We feel that easy and fast access to firearms has a greater value to the safe owner than hiding the safe. We let potential safe buyers make that decision when all options are presented.

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