We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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Not all gun safes are created equal. Why?

Gun safe steel thickness chart

More Steel + Fire Protection = Peace of Mind

Two of the most important elements in gun safe construction are steel and fire protection. We construct all of our gun safes with an outer steel body, a proprietary fire-resistant cement wall fill, and an inner steel security liner. The inner steel liner provides a secondary barrier to further prevent attempted forced entry.

  • The inner steel security liner is not an option. It is included in most MERIK gun safes.
  • The inner steel liner is the same thickness as the outer steel body. 
  • The inner steel liner creates a "Safe within a Safe."

The construction of a gun safe's door and walls are the most critical line of defense from preventing a determined criminal from gaining access to your valuables.

We focus on the following critical areas...

  • Door steel thickness
  • Exterior body wall steel thickness
  • Secondary inner steel security liner thickness (the "Safe within a Safe") 
  • Fire rating
  • The placement, size, and number of active locking bolts
  • Lock and locking mechanism

      NOTE: When viewing our safes and vaults please take the time to compare MERIK Safe steel thicknesses, the number and size of active locking bolts, features, designs, included options, price and MERIK's Best in Class Warranty. Once you have done so you will understand the real value that we provide. 


      Steel thickness of gun safes

      Gun Safe and Rifle Safe Steel Thickness Chart

      Steel thickness or steel gauge is probably the most misunderstood fact in the gun safe industry...

      NOTE: The higher the steel gauge number, the thinner the steel


      Gun safe and gun vault steel thicknesses and gauges