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We are seasoned security professionals bringing generations of creativity and product experience, along with knowledge of national distribution.

Our Mission is to DISRUPT the Safe Industry by providing:

  • New, innovative and highly functional safe designs
  • High-quality safes at each and every level of security
  • Highly competitive pricing.. with a "Best Price Guarantee"
  • Transparent information so consumers can make well-informed decisions.

    Security is a necessity and not a luxury in today’s world, and the industry is flourishing. Despite its lucrative nature, the gun safe and gun vault market operates in an antiquated fashion.  The need for reliable products that safeguard physical assets has never been more pressing - due in large part to ever-increasing crime throughout the nation, terrorism threats, and tightening government requirements. 

    Our primary goal is to safeguard your family, home, and business from distressing incidents such as burglary, theft, fire, and gun violence. We strongly encourage you to prioritize your safety and "Peace of Mind" by making a lifelong investment in prevention, avoiding the burdensome and heartbreaking consequences that often accompany these unfortunate incidents. 



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