We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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Why a MERIK? We will Exceed Your Expectations!

Superior Quality Safes and Vaults. MERIK safes incorporate heavy gauge steel plates and include an inner steel liner. Incomparable Designs that adds real value to any living space because they are integrated as a decorative element to a living space and are not hidden as are most other residential and commercial safe boxes. MERIK Safe designs are easily adapted to any rooms in a home, executive offices, upscale jewelry stores and hotel rooms. More Standard Gun Safe Features Including:   More Steel, Thicker Steel, an Inner Steel Security Liner creating a "Safe within a Safe", 8-Way Boltwork, Interior LED Lighting, U.L. Listed Electronic Pushbutton Lock, Dehumidifier, 3 Outlets, 3 USB Ports, Security Pedestal, Limited Lifetime Gun Safe Owner Warranty ...and more. We are committed to safeguarding your most valued possessions.                        MERIK: The Security Solution         ...NOT The Security Illusion.            Call 561-334-3778  We can help!

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Take the MERIK Challenge!

Be aware of industry-wide "Bait and Switch" selling methods. Sellers often advertise stripped-down sale pricing for a safe.  Then just before, or even after a purchase, the buyer is presented with a list of necessary "options" with related added costs that could/should have been included in most any properly-outfitted safe. 

MERIK provides easily understood, detailed information that is completely transparent... to help a buyer make a well-informed decision.

Take the MERIK Safe Challenge!  Please take a few minutes to compare MERIK to any other safe brand. Compare features and all option costs to arrive at the "realistic" total cost of a safe. We encourage buyers to do so because "Educated Buyers are our Best Customers."

So if you are searching the internet for "Where to buy a Gun Safe" or "Gun Safes Near Me" or Gun Safe Stores open Near Me" … Remember, Merik is as close as your desktop, laptop or cell phone. But more important we provide quality safes, great delivery and installation options, and after-the-sale service that can't be beat!

Gun Safes vs. TL-30 Rated Gun Vaults - IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES

MERIK provides the largest selection of uniquely designed safes that meet or exceed four categories of Burglary Test Performance Ratings. It it is very important to consider both insurable content value as well as how long a safe will withstand an attack. The most misunderstood fact in the gun safe industry is... "the higher the steel gauge number, the thinner the steel."  Purchasers are led to believe the opposite... the higher the steel gauge, the thicker the steel. MERIK does not sell 12 gauge (7/64"), 14 gauge (5/64"), or even 16 gauge (1/16") “Gun Cabinets” that are passed off as "Gun Safes." MERIK provides REAL safe and secure solutions.  Select the Model Design (above) , then select one of the following Performance Ratings:

RSC (Gun Safe) - (Residential Security Container) - Insurable Content Value: Up to $5000.* Door tested to resist a 5 minute tool attack.

TL-30 (Gun Vault) - Insurable Content Value: Up to $375,000.* Door tested to resist a 30 minute tool attack.

TL-30x6 (Gun Vault) - Insurable Content Value: Up to $500,000.* Door and Body tested to resist a 30 minute tool attack.

TRTL-30x6 (Gun Vault) - Insurable Content Value: Up to $1,000,000.* The Door and Body tested to resist a 30 minute torch and tool attack.

*Be sure to contact your insurance company for specific limitations, exclusions, alarm system, and other requirements when making a safe or vault selection for personal or business reasons.

NOTE: You have firearms to protect your family in the event of a home invasion. When confronted by intruders must you run down to the basement, or out to your garage, or into a closet to access a weapon... when every second counts? MERIK Gun Safes and TL Gun Vaults are designed to be easily integrated into your home decor so you have fast access to your firearms.

Outstanding Gun Safe Warranty

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