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MERIK Gun Safe and Gun Vaults in 4 Levels of Security

The construction of a gun safe or gun vault's door and walls are the most critical line of defense from preventing a determined criminal from gaining access to your valuables. We focus on the following critical areas...  door plate steel thickness, door edge steel thickness, exterior wall steel thickness, secondary interior steel security liner thickness which creates a "Safe within a Safe", the placement, size, and numbers of active locking bolts, and the lock and locking mechanisms. These features work in harmony to provide a well-designed gun safe or gun vault at each price point within our 4 Levels of Security. See the information below to understand the differences in the Levels of Security from model to model.

MERIK Level 1 Gun Safes and Gun Vaults

MERIK Level 2 Gun Safes and Gun Vaults

MERIK Level 3 Gun Safes and Gun Vaults

MERIK Level 4 Gun Safes and Gun Vaults