We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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The MERIK Gun Safes for sale

"RSC" vs "TL" Safe Ratings - Differences You Must Note

MERIK provides the largest selection of uniquely designed safes that meet or exceed four categories of U.L. Burglary Test Performance Ratings. It it is very important to consider both Insurable Content Value as well as how long a safe will withstand an attack with tools.  To review Safe Performance Ratings click here.

We will Exceed Your Expectations!

MERIK Solves the Confusion When Buying a Gun Safe

Are you looking for gun safes for sale? Have you looked at a half a dozen safe manufacturers' products and find yourself confused or even mislead? Are the manufacturers or dealers evasive when answering your questions about steel thickness in the body or door of the safe? Do they tell you about the gun safe accessories (such as a dehumidifier or interior lighting) that you need in order to have a properly outfitted safe? ... or are they offering a low price for the safe box and intend on telling you about accessories after the initial safe sale is made?

Have they properly disclosed the insurable contents value for each line of gun safes for sale or home safes for sale?

Are gun safes fireproof? Do you know... What is the best fireproof safe? (and why?) Do you understand the fire ratings of fireproof gun safes for sale or fire resistant home safes for sale?

Do the jewelry safe dealers explain why the quality of the inner drawer construction is more important than having pretty drawer fronts? Are the jewelry safe dealers selling you on the fancy interior of the jewelry safe and not discussing either the fire rating or the burglar rating of the jewelry safe for sale? Do you understand the insurable contents value of the safes they are showing you? Does the value of your jewelry collection exceed the insurable contents value?

When looking for "Gun Safes Near Me" are you being led to purchase an inexpensive safe because the local dealer wants to make a quick sale and take the path of least resistance and "sell" or "push" gun safes they have in stock?

Do you understand the pros and cons of purchasing a gun safe with a mechanical lock, a gun safe with an electronic lock, or a gun safe with a biometric lock? Do you understand that a "mechanical gun safe", "electronic gun safe" and "biometric gun safe" often refers only to the locking mechanism and has little to do with the overall security of the gun safe or home safe?

If a gun safe dealer promotes a gun safe as having a specific rifle capacity do they tell you if the rifle capacity actual includes scopes and other accessories on the rifle?

When you are searching for the best gun safe or the best home safe... do you really think a Big Box store can advise you properly then service your safe if and when needed after you make the purchase of the gun safe? Can you speak with a knowledgeable sales representative when buying from a Big Box store or an online retailer?

Are you being advised properly when you ask... where should I place a safe within my home? Are you being advised to place your safe in a garage, down in a basement or in a closet where you either don't have quick access to your firearms or access to your firearms is limited because the contents within the closet is interfering with quickly opening the safe door all the way?

Is the dealer or manufacturer explaining the true meaning of "Free Delivery"?

Do you understand the importance of having a steel inner liner for a gun safe or home safe? You've looked at quite a few safes and think you have narrowed your decision down to one model, but... Is the home safe for sale really a safe or just a low security cabinet? Is the gun safe for sale secure, or does the gun safe just provide you with the illusion of being safe and secure because it has a nice paint job and a well-known brand name?

Here at MERIK Safe you can be confident that we will provide you with the best combination of guidance, guaranteed best price*, free shipping*, superior selection, unmatched warranty, as well as the best before and after-sale service you can find anywhere in the USA... on all of our Gun Safes for Sale, Home Safes for Sale, and Commercial Safes.

Do you want some answers? See our FAQ section. or visit our BLOG by clicking here. We can help. Contact us.

We respect your need for confidentiality when purchasing a safe and will provide patient service and thorough answers to all of your questions. Most important... we offer the finest gun safes, jewelry safes, home safes and commercial safes at every price point and for every budget.

Thank you for visiting our online store. We hope we can be of service.

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