We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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MERIK ODYSSEY Series Fire Rated Gun Safes

MERIK puts the steel back in gun safes.  MERIK manufactures "REAL GUN SAFES" not glorified "gun cabinets” that are widely sold as “gun safes” throughout the security industry, online retailers and in big box stores. MERIK builds safes up to higher standards, many of which were removed by many other manufacturers in order to sell down to a low price point, rendering most safes ineffective against a tool attack.  Our specifications and features speak for themselves. We designed the Odyssey Gun Safe Series to offer superb burglary and fire resistance, while providing multiple interior configurations to suit most any storage requirement. But let's not overlook the "killer" design of the Odyssey gun safe. Dual designer wheels, massive bolt protector/hinge guard, security pedestal, eye-catching stainless steel studs and twin locks. Serious gun collectors have often mentioned that they are proud to own such a gun safe ...that is commensurate with their firearms collection.

Most safes are plain and utilitarian in appearance, but many of MERIK models are decorative in appearance. Why? We feel that our safe and vault designs offer the buyer the ability to coordinate the gun safe into the decor of their home or office so the homeowner has quick access to their firearms. The industry has been trained to hide safes thinking that an intruder will not find the safe. They usually do, but intruders know that they generally only have 10 to 15 minutes before law enforcement shows up if an alarm is activated. We also feel that an intruder is more likely to try to compromise a safe when the safe is located in a garage, a closet or in a basement because it may be out of sight and those locations restrict the level of noise associated with a tool or drilling attack.

Let’s look at another scenario and try to keep the politics of our 2nd Amendment Rights out of the discussion for now. Imagine hearing an intruder force open your front or rear door. Will the homeowner ask the intruder to wait a few minutes while he runs down into the basement or out into the garage to access a firearm to protect his or her family? …of course not. We feel that easy and fast access to firearms has a greater value to the homeowner than hiding a safe. We let potential safe buyers make that decision when all options are presented.

MERIK ODYSSEY (Patent Pending) Gun Safe Standard Features INCLUDE:

  • Fire Protection: 90 minutes at 1600°F (Achieved with Proprietary 'Secured/Insulated' Cement Fill encased between layers of steel in Walls, Ceiling, Floor and Door)
  • Construction exceeds UL-RSC Standards (Underwriters Laboratories - Residential Security Container) 
  • Safe Door Construction: 3/16” (7 gauge) Thick Exterior Steel Door Plate + Proprietary 'Secured/Insulated' Cement Filled Door + 3/16” (7 gauge) Inner Steel Door Construction
  • Massive Solid Steel Bolt Protector Surrounding Door 
  • Safe Body Construction: 3/16” (7 gauge) Exterior Steel Body + Proprietary 'Secured/Insulated' Cement Filled Body + 3/16” (7 gauge) Inner Steel Security Liner - Creating a  "Safe within a Safe"
  • Eight-Way Active Bolt Work - Horizontal, Vertical and 4 Corners with massive 1-3/4" Diameter Chrome Plated Locking Bolts
  • Finishes: MERIK ODYSSEY Gun Safes are available in a Black Cherry or a Black Textured powder coat finish.