We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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MOAB TL-30 High Security Gun Vault - Patent Pending

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MERIK MOAB TL-30 High-Security Vault


  • UL Certified TL-30 - The Vault door resisted and passed an attack test for a NET working time of 30 minutes when attacked with common hand tools, picking tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, grinding points, carbide drills and pressure applying devices or mechanisms, abrasive cutting wheels and power saws.
  • Fire ProtectionCertified fire label - 1,200 degrees for 90 minutes

  • Full composite construction
  • 9000 p.s.i. resistance concrete and heavy steel plates in a 3 inches body thickness. 
  • Massive Four-Way Heavy Locking - 1-3/4" Diameter, Active, Chrome Plated Locking Bolts on Horizontal and Vertical sides and Massive Locking Bar on the Hinge Side.
  • Available in the following sizes (External Dimensions Shown):
  •        64’’h x 29”w x 30’’d - 10  Locking Bolts + Massive Locking Bar
  •        74’’h x 33”w x 30’’d - 10  Locking Bolts + Massive Locking Bar
  •        74’’h x 41”w x 31’’d - 12  Locking Bolts + Massive Locking Bar
  • Non-Carpeted and Fully Carpeted Interior Options
  • Ultra-Smooth Gear Driven Locking Mechanism 
  • UL Listed Group II Mechanical Lock
  • Deluxe Wheel Handle 
  • Protective Security Pedestal 
  • 4 - Pre-Cut Anchor Holes with Anchor Bolts 
  • Intumescent Expanding Fire Door Seal to Protect Against Fire
  • Massive Heavy-duty Welded External Hinges - Hinges on Right Side (Standard)
  • Fully Continuous Welded Steel Body
  • Bolt-Dent System prevents bolts from being projected when the door is open
  • Anti-Pry Tabs resisting Pry Attacks to Locking Bolts
  • Glass Relocking system 
  • Triple 10 Gauge AR500 Hard Plates for Drill Attack Resistance to Lock
  • Twelve Month Limited Warranty on damage to Safe and Lock due to Unlawfully Attempted Theft or Fire (contents excluded)*

Interior Configuration - Gun Capacity Chart

Select the configuration that meets your requirements. The shelves are all modular in design to allow you to adjust each shelf height for the items you wish to store. Both the top and bottom of all shelves are covered with Velcro friendly carpet on all gun vault configurations, allowing you to attach holsters to the underside of the shelves for quick access to your handguns if needed.

 Please Note: Various gun configurations, scopes, and grips can result in variances in the estimated gun capacities within the chart below. Additionally, many people don't consider their future needs. For that reason, try to anticipate your future expansion needs. You may wish to consider at least one size larger. 
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