We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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Your Questions and Where to find real Answers

MERIK Cuts Through the Confusion

Have you looked at a half a dozen safe manufacturers' products? Are the manufacturers or dealers evasive about answering your questions about steel thickness in the body or door of the safe? Have they properly disclosed what the insurable content value is for each line of gun safes for sale? Do you understand the fire ratings of fireproof gun safes or fire resistant home safes? Do the jewelry safe dealers explain why the quality of the inner drawer construction is more important than having pretty drawer fronts? Are you being led to purchase an inexpensive safe because the dealer wants to make a quick sale and take the path of least resistance because he or she is "selling" what's in stock? Do you completely understand the pros and cons of purchasing a mechanical gun safe, an electronic gun safe or a biometric gun safe? Do you understand that "mechanical, electronic and biometric refers only to the lock and has little to do with the overall security? Do you really think a big box store can service your safe when needed? Can you speak with a representative when buying from an online retailer? Are you getting your money's worth when buying a safe for your home or office? Are you being advised properly when you ask where should I place a safe within the home? Are you being advised to place your safe in a garage, down in a basement or in a closet where you either don't have quick access to your firearms or access is limited because the contents within the closet is interfering with opening the safe door all the way? Is the dealer or manufacturer explaining the true meaning of "Free Delivery"? Is there a steel liner in the safe you are considering? Do you understand the importance of having a steel liner for a gun safe or home safe? You've looked at quite a few safes and think you have narrowed your decision down to one model, but... Is the safe safe? Is the safe secure? .... or does it just provide you with the illusion of security because it has a nice paint job and a well-known brand name?
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