We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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Limited Lifetime Owner Warranty for MERIK Gun Safes

We take pride in the quality, design, durability, and reliability of our gun safes. Since we believe your choice of a MERIK gun safe is a long-lasting one, we are proud to offer this gun safe protection plan for the lifetime of the original purchaser within the continental United States.

What does a Limited Lifetime Gun Safe Owner Warranty mean to you?

It means your Gun Safe is warranted against:

  • Lifetime defects to materials and workmanship*
  • Lifetime damage from an unauthorized or unlawfully attempted break-in* 
  • Lifetime damage from a home fire to homeowner's gun safe*

It covers:

  • the opening of the damaged gun safe* 
  • a FREE replacement gun safe of like size and type, if beyond repair*


Lock Warranty: Covers electronic lock and mechanical lock options that are factory installed.

    • Mechanical Lock: 5 years
    • Electronic Lock: 2 years

    MERIK warrants that should there be a defect in either material or workmanship during the original purchaser’s lifetime MERIK will either repair or replace the original purchaser’s gun safe at no cost to the purchaser. In addition, MERIK will also repair or replace at no cost to the original purchaser, any warranted safe that is damaged during a fire, or attempted break-in during the lifetime of the original purchaser if the homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover the damage. This warranty does not include the lock, painted and/or metal surfaces of the safe. Details of this plan are as follows.  

    MERIK will repair or replace, at its option, any gun safe due to incidental damage as a result of damage to the gun safe due to a home fire or attempted break-in during the lifetime of the original purchaser. MERIK is not responsible for the contents stored within the gun safe. Contents and normal gun safe interior wear and tear are excluded from the Warranty. MERIK shall only be liable when the gun safe is used in accordance with those directions specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. This warranty shall not apply to any gun safe and/or parts that have damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from: 

    • modification to gun safe without the written consent of MERIK  
    • misuse or abuse, as determined by MERIK 
    • any damage from shipment
    • repair or attempted repair by anyone other than a MERIK Authorized Dealer
    • a serial number that has been altered, defaced, modified or removed
    • a combination lock or electronic lock that has been changed without MERIK's written authorization
    • normal wear, scratches to exterior safe surfaces, painted surfaces, periodic maintenance, neglect, water damage, tampering, mishandling, or abuse, as determined solely by MERIK. 

    If any unfortunate events occur MERIK will repair or replace any defective or damaged part or replace the gun safe completely with another gun safe of like size and type, as long as the original purchase documentation is provided to MERIK, the gun safe is registered with MERIK within 30 days of purchase and the original owner provides to MERIK a copy of Homeowner's Insurance Policy and that the gun safe is not covered by such primary policy, at the time the damage occurs. Whenever possible, the safe will be repaired locally. If your MERIK gun safe needs to be replaced, we will require that the safe is returned to the MERIK distribution center, or to a location designated by MERIK, for evaluation, with freight expense prepaid and borne by the original purchaser along with the report made by, and directly from, the police or fire department. The responsibility of MERIK is limited to the repair of the defective part or a replacement gun safe with a gun safe of like size and type. In no case shall MERIK be held liable for damages caused by inconvenience, loss of use, damage to contents, loss of contents, loss of profits, loss of savings or any other damages, whether incidental, consequential or otherwise, cost of any substitute equipment, facilities or services, downtime, the claims of third parties including customers, and injury to property upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict tort, or any other legal theory. In no event shall MERIK's liability exceed the original cost of the gun safe. The repaired or replacement gun safe will be shipped back to the purchaser freight collect.

    Accessories: LED lighting, dehumidifiers, AC power supply outlets and USB ports are not covered under the Warranty and are not liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature. This limitation does not apply to you if you live in those states that do not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. 

    Please note: Since different computer screens may have different depictions of colors, there may be slight variations of color. MERIK is not responsible for color variances.

    The Limited Lifetime Gun Safe Owner Warranty will be null and void if there are unpaid balances, past due payments, or any monies due that are accrued by the freight delivery company for redelivery fees, storage fees, or additional services requested by purchaser of freight company at time of shipping or delivery. 

    All gun safe purchases are required to be properly anchored to the floor in order to qualify for the Limited Lifetime Gun Safe Owner Warranty. Any safe purchase that is found not to be properly anchored to the floor will not be eligible for the repair or replacement of gun safe under this warranty. 

    All warranty issues must be approved in writing by MERIK before replacing the safe or having repair work performed. Any unauthorized repair, dismantling, or tampering with the locking mechanism shall nullify this warranty. If a warranty repair is completed prior to obtaining an approval from MERIK, MERIK reserves the right to refuse payment to the service provider or reimbursement to the owner.

    This warranty shall not apply to damage resulting from neglect, or safes subjected to unusual or extreme conditions or events, as determined solely by MERIK, any unauthorized attempts to repair or from any use not in accordance with the operating instructions, including but not limited to damages resulting from damage to electrical cord, bending, denting, smashing, altering product in any way, improper installation or from any other cause except as expressly set forth above. MERIK specifically disavows any other representations, warranty, or liabilities related to the conditions or use of the gun safe.

    Warranty for gun safes sold outside of the Continental USA - MERIK warrants that new safes are free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchasers, however if a defect should arise MERIK shall provide parts, if available, at no charge to purchaser, however it will be the purchaser's responsibility to pay for all service costs as well as all shipping costs, freight charges and other charges with respect to any and all warranty issues. 

    All TL-30, TL-30x6 and TRTL-30x6 Gun Vaults, Utility Vaults, and Jewelry Vaults are excluded from this warranty.

    The MERIK Limited Lifetime Gun Safe Owner Warranty may be transferred to subsequent purchasers or owners with the prior written consent from MERIK. Contact the MERIK Customer Service Department with your request. MERIK reserves the right to deny a request for transfer of the warranty for any reason. 

    Any claims arising from this Limited Lifetime Gun Safe Owner Warranty shall be resolved in Palm Beach County, the State of Florida. Palm Beach County law will apply to any dispute.

      This warranty is understood to be the complete and only agreement between MERIK and the gun safe Owner, superseding any and all prior discussions or agreements, whether oral or written, and all other communications between the parties relating to the gun safe warranty. No employee of MERIK or any other party is authorized to make any warranty in addition to those made in this agreement.