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We Buy and Sell Used Safes

If you are relocating or considering either upgrading to a different safe or need a larger safe of our experts can advise you about all of your options. Should you wish to just sell your safe we will offer you fair market value commensurate with its current condition and pick up location. 

Certified Pre-owned Safes

MERIK Safe has a selection of heavy duty, certified pre-owned refurbished and reconditioned safes. When budget is a consideration buying a pre-owned safe can be a wise investment considering a well-made safe is expected to last for many years. With our refurbishing and refinishing process, you can be assured that our safes will provide years of peace of mind.

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What is the refurbishing process?  Our safe technicians begin with a complete quality inspection of each pre-owned safe. We examine the safe’s locking mechanism. If parts need to be replaced or serviced rest assured, it well be done by a safe professional. Upon completion of the inspections, servicing and replacements, our technicians will properly lubricate all of the moving parts so that the door is adjusted properly and will open and close securely. Once the servicing has been completed, the safe advances into our paint shop for refinishing, if needed. Should you require a special interior configuration such as custom jewelry drawers, rifle and/or pistol configurations, storage specifically configured for collectables...we can build the interior to your requirements...thus creating your own perfectly configured safe and secure storage solution.

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