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Merik Safe

19 May 2019 

Lawrence Schneider, CEO

Merik Safe


Bringing much-needed Uniformity to the Gun Safe and Gun Vault Space


BOCA RATON, FLORIDA - MERIK Safe, a manufacturer and distributor of gun safes and gun vaults, is about to transform what has historically been a scattered market with a consolidated approach to branding.  The company will begin offering nine, patent pending, distinctively different and unique gun safe and gun vault designs to the mass market exclusively under the MERIK name. This will be achieved through its company website, a network of sales personnel and a nationwide authorized MERIK Safe and Vault dealer program. 

"Security is a necessity and not a luxury in today’s world, and the industry is flourishing," asserted Lawrence Schneider, MERIK’s Founder & CEO.  "But with most of the market leaders now outsourcing production, a number of pain points have emerged that negatively impact the customer.  That’s where we step in.” 

Despite its lucrative nature, the gun safe and gun vault market operates in an antiquated fashion.  The need for reliable products that safeguard physical assets has never been more pressing - due in large part to ever-increasing crime, terrorism threats, and tightening government requirements.  At the same time, US-based manufacturing is being seamlessly outsourced by the top players to the point where it has almost ceased to exist across the nation.  This strict focus on the bottom line has created confusion and inconvenience from the consumer’s perspective - mostly originating from the lack of a single brand name that they can rely on. This is something that Schneider, who previously founded and sold another industry-leading company, U.S. Lock Corporation, quickly picked up on and is now looking to untangle with MERIK Safe.

Firearms enthusiasts and dealers can now purchase high-quality gun safes and gun vaults they need from one centralized source, from a manufacturer that puts them first before the bottom line.  On MERIK’s end, this allows authorized dealers to cut expenses through streamlined operations - specifically by not being forced to accrue marketing expenses for many different brands.  No matter if the need is commercial, or residential, customers can rest assured that the MERIK Safe name will deliver the ideal solution. 

A versatile collection of product offerings gives MERIK Safe so much confidence in their ability to deliver.  Four levels of security are offered under the brand’s umbrella: Gun Safes and Gun Vaults.  All are manufactured with the best quality materials & technologies, with an outstanding Gun Safe and Gun Vault Warranty.  They’re already receiving great feedback.  The company has also received commitments from top salespeople in the field to join their team in the immediate future. 

Armed with over 30 years of top-level industry experience, Schneider and his team now have MERIK ideally positioned to become the go-to company in the safe and vault industry.  He elaborated on the company's plans going forward: "We plan to rely on previously proven methods I’ve utilized to grow a repeat customer sales base.  As sales and brand recognition grow, the development and launching of new products will be done on a very regular basis.” 

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Lawrence Schneider, CEO




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