Our Services 

Expert Safe Knowledge and Advice

Our safe experts and technicians can help you carefully determine your needs and provide the necessary advice needed to avoid making a costly mistake. We are able to patiently and thoroughly discuss such topics as:

  • Selecting the proper size safe for your present and future needs
  • Understanding the construction of the safe body and door, and why it is important.
  • Which options are necessary when purchasing a safe
  • Proper placement and anchoring of your safe
  • Understanding Fire ratings and Burglar ratings 
  • Which is better for me, an Electronic Lock or a Mechanical Lock?
Merik Truck


Safe Sales, Delivery, and Expert Installation

We design, manufacture, and sell high quality safes. We have the expertise and the necessary equipment available to handle safes up 5,000 pounds.

Safe Rentals

If you are working a trade show, exhibition or special event we can rent a safe for your valuables (such as jewelry, coins, stamps, collectibles or precious metals) for the duration of the trade show, exhibition or special event. Short-term and long-term rentals, as well as delivery and pick up can be quickly arranged.

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