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The MERIK JAVELIN is our interpretation of the "Safe Industry Standard" high-end design. Its specifications and features speak for themselves. It can be compared with most any other safe company's "top of the line", but at an extremely competitive price point. We designed the Javelin Gun Safe Series to offer superb burglary, fire, and water resistance while providing multiple interior configurations to suit almost any storage requirement. Its traditional design is appointed with a sleek stainless steel escutcheon plate having an integrated pull handle that is suitable for virtually any contemporary decor. 


  • Fire Protection: 120 minutes at 1200°F
  • Insulation Material: Proprietary 'Secured/Insulated' Cement 
  • Construction exceeds U.L. RSC Standards (Residential Security Container) 
  • Safe Door Construction: 1/2 Exterior Steel Plate + Proprietary Cement Fill + 1/4” (3 gauge) Inner Steel 
  • Safe Body Construction: 1/4” (3 gauge) Exterior Steel + Proprietary Cement Fill + 1/4” (3 gauge) Inner Steel Security Liner - Creating a  "Safe within a Safe"
  • Eight-Way Active Bolt Work - Horizontal, Vertical, and 4 Corners with 1-3/4" Diameter Chrome Plated Locking Bolts 
  • Water Resistant - Factory tested by submerging the safe in 24" of water for 168 hours. Passed: the humidity inside the safe did not exceed 10%, complying with international standards.
  • U.L. Listed NL Electronic Lock. To view all Mechanical and Electronic Lock options click HERE
  • LED Lighting
  • 3 - AC Power Supply Outlets + 2 - USB Ports
  • 1 - Rod Dehumidifier
  • Universal Interior Gun Safe Configuration, Silver/Gray Standard Carpet Color, Fully Carpeted, Velcro Friendly, Safe Interior - Ceiling, Floor, all Walls, and Shelves - all Velcro friendly and will accept Velcro friendly gun holsters and storage packs.
  • Deluxe Door Organizer
  • Ultra-Smooth Cam Driven Locking Mechanism
  • Chrome-plated Deluxe 5-Spoke Handle
  • 4 - Pre-drilled 9/16" diameter Anchor Holes + 4 - Anchor Wedge Bolts 
  • Intumescent Expanding Fire Door Seal to Protect Against Fire & Smoke
  • Heavy-duty Steel External Hinges - Hinges on Right Side (Standard)
  • Fully Continuous Welded Steel Body
  • Bolt-Detent System prevents bolts from being projected when the door is open
  • Anti-Pry Tabs resisting Pry Attacks to Locking Bolts
  • Dual Relockers
  • Triple 10 Gauge AR500 Hard Plates to Resist Drill Attack to Lock
  • Finish: High-Gloss Charcoal Gray painted finish on body and door. Door appointed with a Satin Stainless Steel Escutcheon Plate, as illustrated.
  • Limited Lifetime Gun Safe Owner Warranty on damage to Safe and Lock due to Unlawfully Attempted Theft or Fire (paint and contents excluded)*

Waterproof Gun Safe vs. Water-Resistant Gun Safe

Waterproof Safe... Can a safe really be waterproof? We are often asked that question. We say NO safes are absolutely waterproof. Many manufacturers, big box stores, and even safe dealers may represent their products as waterproof. We prefer stating our Javelin line of safes is water-resistant. Our Javelin series gun safes were factory tested by submerging the safe in 24" of water for 168 hours, and checked to make certain the humidity inside safes did not exceed 10%, complying with international standards. They passed the tests.

You never know if the safe owner accidentally gets something caught between the safe door and the door seal, or if one of the holes in the back of the safe provides access for a dehumidifier, an electrical outlet, or USB ports is abused or misused. We would prefer being "safe than sorry" ... and we strongly recommend that our customers take the same position with their most important valuables and irreplaceable personal possessions. 

A water-resistant gun safe protects your valuables in the event of a flood or natural disaster. You should probably use a water-resistant safe wherever you store valuable items, whether in your home, or office. Several circumstances where water-resistant gun safes are of absolute importance may include a hurricane causing flooding, fire, and/or climates prone to high humidity. If you are considering purchasing a gun safe and live or work in a city, suburban location, or in a rural area that may be prone to such issues, using a water-resistant safe is probably the best protection for your valuables. It can protect your firearms, important documents, cash, coins, precious metals, jewelry, or even irreplaceable family heirlooms.

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