MERIK Authorized Dealer Brochure - Customized for Your Business

MERIK safe designs are unique, secure and exclusive. MERIK safes are not found in every safe dealer's showroom, in every locksmith's shop, in every online marketplace, on Amazon, in home centers, hardware stores or even big box stores. There is no need to sacrifice your margins to compete with other plain safe box brands because we have a limited number of MERIK Safe Authorized Dealers.
The MERIK Authorized Dealer Brochure, shown above, is a highly effective educational and marketing tool. It enables you to email, text, or print it and provide valuable product information to your customers. It is for:
    • in-store use,
    • an attachment to your emails,
    • mailings to prospective and regular customers,
    • texting your customized MERIK Authorized Dealer Brochure to potential customers at shows, fairs and conventions instead of passing out expensive printed brochures, 
    • your technician(s) to text the brochure to customers while making service calls,
    • motivating your staff to potentially make commissions on sales they create.
The MERIK Authorized Dealer Brochure can be customized for your business at NO CHARGE.
To access the MERIK Authorized Dealer Price List and FREE Freight Policy click on the MERIK Authorized Dealer Portal found in the main navigation bar under "Dealers Only". Call us at 866-410-3310 for the password to access the Dealer Portal. 
If you are interested in becoming a MERIK Authorized Dealer, go to the following link on our website New MERIK Authorized Dealer Application. We will review your application and get back to you soon.