Interior Configuration Options

Gun Safe and Gun Vault Interior Configuration Options

MERIK gun safes and gun vaults are constructed in a variety of sizes to accommodate your space requirements, gun storage, and your most valued possessions that require secure storage.  

Select the configuration that meets your requirements. The shelves are all modular in design to allow you to easily adjust each shelf height to store guns and such items as coin collections, important documents, laptops, jewelry and most any type of collectible items you wish to store. Both the top and bottom of all shelves, all walls, ceiling, floor and interior door panel are covered with Velcro friendly carpet. This allows you to attach holsters to virtually all surfaces for quick access to your handguns. 

You may select any one of the interior configurations below that best suits your needs... 
Please Note: Various gun configurations, scopes, and grips can result in variances in the estimated gun capacities. Additionally, many people don't consider their future needs. Gun collections may grow and your secured storage needs will increase. For this reason, try to anticipate your future space requirements. If you haven't already done so, you may wish to even consider a gun safe or gun vault at least one size larger. For additional info please click here.

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