In-Store Displays, Banners and Brochures

In-Store Displays, Banners, and Brochures

The MERIK Gun Safe or Gun Vault "Toppers" 


The MERIK Gun Safe and Gun Vault "Topper" sales aids are available only to stocking MERIK SAFE Authorized Dealers ... at NO CHARGE.  (One MERIK Safe and Vault Topper for each different model ordered... the first order only. The Topper will be shipped with the gun safe or gun vault.)  

The MERIK Gun Safe and Gun Vault Topper is furnished with sufficient wire or clear line to hang the Topper from a ceiling that is 12 feet in height. If you prefer, the Topper can even be displayed on a tripod. You can also use 10 lb. test clear fishing line to hang the Topper from virtually any height ceiling. The ceiling-mounted Topper should be hung to the front of the safe or vault (the door side), approximately 2 inches above the safe so your customer can easily read the Topper while your salesperson demonstrates each of the gun safe or gun vault features and specifications. The MERIK MONITOR Gun Vault Topper is printed on art-grade archival stock (having a hardboard backing board) with a crystal clear lamination over the image to protect and keep the Topper looking great for years.  






MERIK Gun Safe and Gun Vault Tri-Fold Brochures.  

MERIK tri-fold brochures are great hand-outs to in-store shoppers, at gun shows, home shows, for service calls or even mailers, etc. They can be custom printed with the MERIK Authorized Dealer's company name, physical address,  website address, social media information, office, and cell phone numbers. The MERIK graphic designers will prepare and send to you print-ready brochures. You can either have your local printer prepare the brochures for you, or for a modest charge MERIK staff can do it all for you. 




MERIK Gun Safe and Gun Vault Toppers and Tr-Fold Brochures are available for the following MERIK models:
 Gun Safe Models Gun Vault Models
Apollo Orion 
Andromeda Matrix
Classiq 1 Moab
Classiq 2 Dungeon
Classiq 3 Phoenix
Classiq 4 Guillotine
MERIK Authorized Dealers: Create a retail merchandising plan. 

The plan should always include: 

  • An overall plan of how traffic will move through your store.

  • A plan that may change with the seasons and holidays.

  • A budget for store fixtures, props, lighting, and signage.

  • A merchandise planning system which will help maximize turn, limit out-of-stocks, increase margins and minimize markdowns.

The time needed to merchandise a store will vary due to a variety of circumstances including the total number of SKUS, special requirements for individual displays, as well as your ability to move your fixtures as needed. Stay flexible and be receptive to change.


Do you have a safe showroom with a high ceiling, but not a thing on the walls over 7' and inadequate floor space to show all safes designs?

Try placing our eye-catching Wall Popper posters on your walls to show those items you would like to show on your floor, but just don't have the floor space.

MERIK Safe and Vault Wall Poppers are printed on art-grade archival stock (having a hardboard backing board) with a crystal clear lamination over the image to protect and keep the Wall Popper looking great for years. The Wall Poppers include the hanging hardware. All you need is a hammer and a nail...and possibly a small step ladder. Comments from your customer and the sales results may surprise you! 




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