We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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Important Info on SAVING BIG

We hope you have had the opportunity to review our MERIK Gun Safe Comparison Chart as well as Gun Safe Features Explained.

Buying a gun safe or gun vault can be a daunting task for most consumers. One needs to understand the importance of steel thickness, fire protection, bolt work, locking systems, power supply, components, options, and warranty... just to name a few of the points to be considered.

We have tried to provide sufficient information that is easily understood and that is completely transparent to help you make a well-informed decision. We consider buying a safe to be an important purchase. We expect most, if not all consumers making this purchase to seek the best value available for their budget. With this in mind, we ask you to ...  

Take the MERIK Safe Challenge!

We challenge you to contact other safe manufacturers to obtain quotations but use a checklist to make certain that you include all of the specifications, features, options, and costs in order to make an accurate comparison BEFORE making a commitment.  

PLEASE NOTE: Several other safe or vault manufacturers use "Bait and Switch" selling methods. They provide stripped down pricing for their safe or vault and just before you sign a purchase agreement you are presented with a list of necessary items and related costs that should have been disclosed and included. Such items and pricing may include and are certainly not limited to:

  • 4 Active Protective Corner Bolts    + $250
  • Electronic Lock                                  + $176
  • Redundant Lock                                + $400
  • 5-Spoke Handle                                + $250
  • Hi-gloss paint finish                          + $400
  • Graphics on the safe door               +   $50
  • Steel inner liner                        from + $400
  • Small door pull handle                       +$ 69
  • LED interior light strips                    + $155
  • Door Organizer                                 + $150
  • Dehumidifier                                        + $43
  • Carpeted pedestal                              + $70
  • Set of Door Holsters                             +$45
  • Shipping Charges (curbside)  from +$300

The information provided above is easily verified. We encourage you to do so. Our business philosophy is to provide transparent pricing. One may wish to reconsider purchasing a safe from a dealer that is NOT transparent. If they are not transparent at the time of your initial purchase, what should you expect from that same dealer if your safe or vault requires maintenance, repair or if you have to deal with a warranty issue?

Calculate the REAL COST before investing in a gun safe or gun vault.

When you deal with MERIK there are no guessing games as to what you will actually spend on your gun safe or gun vault. Transparency isn’t just a word... it is the way we do business! 

We believe the checklist below will help.
A printed version of the checklist below is available by clicking here.

If you have any questions feel free to contact one of our MERIK Safe Customer Service Representatives for assistance. Phone us at 561-334- 3778 or email us at We are here to serve you. We are here to answer ALL of your questions.