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I am not in the security industry and may be interested in selling, installing and servicing safes. How can I enter the industry?

Often opportunities come along, but lack of experience creates a roadblock from taking advantage of the new opportunity. If you are ready to enter a new industry, here are a few excellent ways to gain some valuable industry knowledge and expertise.

Join the ranks in the Safe and Vault Industry.

Check out the largest safe and vault organization - SAVTA."SAVTA is the Safe & Vault Technicians Association - The leading trade association devoted entirely to serving professional safe and vault technicians worldwide. Since 1986, SAVTA's goal has always been to further your technical knowledge, while helping you promote your professionalism in today's marketplace. SAVTA provides you with a host of benefits, all necessary for staying informed, solving day to day problems, and out-performing the competition. Over the years, SAVTA has helped thousands of safe and vault technicians achieve personal and professional success." SAVTA

When ready you can expand your horizons and sell related security products... check out ALOA...  The Associated Locksmiths of America. 

"The mission of ALOA, as dedicated members of the locksmith/security industry, is to ensure professional excellence and ethics; create a public demand for professional locksmith services; represent and speak for the locksmith/security industry; and expand the exchange of trade information and knowledge with other related organizations to preserve and enhance the industry." ALOA

Go to industry-wide conventions and participate in classroom training sessions.


Seek out an internship. 

Short term salaried and/or unsalaried internships are becoming an essential part of the college experience. However, if you are looking to enter an industry, don’t overlook this as a possible way to get a foot in the door. An internship could lead to a job with that company or provide the necessary training and experience to allow you to start your own safe and vault business. 

Don’t be afraid to network. 

Networking is a great way to make specialized connections that have the potential to provide additional information about the industry. Each interaction you have could foster a new relationship. You never know who your connections are connected to... and where they will lead.

Try temporary assignments. 

Contact several Safe and Vault Shops within your immediate vicinity and just outside your immediate vicinity. See if they need full time or part time help or assistance with safe and vault deliveries. This is a very low-risk way to determine if a specific industry or company is a good fit for you.

Contact Us. 

MERIK can provide you with guidance and help you open a Safe and Vault Showroom. We can speak with you about everything from store size and location to all the tools and equipment needed to install, service and maintain the products you sell. There are ways to enter the industry without investing a fortune initially... and we are happy to assist you to get on the right track. Remember...

Your success is our success.