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Traditionally gun safe and gun vault "boxes" have been hidden or tucked away in a garage, closet or a basement. Retailers and dealers of gun safe have sold their customers on the premise that their gun safe should not be seen, but hidden somewhere in their home. The truth about such as practice really doesn't work well for the safe owner. Should a safe be hidden in a garage, basement or closet where it provides cover for the intruder(s) trying to gain entry to the safe?  No, it should be placed in a location where an intruder has little or no cover. 

Can you imagine having to run into your garage or down into a basement if intruders have already entered your home?

MERIK gun safes and gun vaults are designed to be placed in an area of your home to coordinate with your decor. It can be placed in an area that is CONVENIENT for the owner should you need immediate access to your firearms. 


Merik Guillotine Gun Vault Merik Dungeon Gun Vault Merik Matrix Gun Vault Merik Phoenix Gun Vault Merik Orion Gun Vault Merik Moab Gun Vault


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