MERIK Dealer to Dealer Customer Referral Program

  • Do you have a commercial account that is opening new stores outside your geographic service area and needs to have safes or vaults delivered, installed and serviced properly?
  • Your customer wants to send a gun safe to his or her son or daughter that has children because he or she is not storing his/her firearms properly in a gun safe?
  • Your customer wants to send a gun safe or gun vault as a Birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, or Mother's Day present outside of your service area?


We can help with these and most any other scenarios.  We can simplify the sales, shipping, delivery, and installation process for you by either shipping the safe or vault to another MERIK Authorized Dealer's store or ship the safe to your customer and have a properly equipped dealer deliver, move and professionally install the safe or vault.

We will place you in touch with a dealer who will assist you and provide your customer with the highest level of service that is expected of a MERIK Authorized Dealer.

Please fill out the form below, give us the details of your situation and we will assist you in providing the absolute best customer service possible to your customer. 

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