Program Purpose: To rebate a portion of net sales to MERIK Authorized Dealers for actions taken to promote and increase sales of MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults.

Co-op Accrued Allowance Percentage: 1% of net sales.

Participation Rate: 50% / 50% split between the Authorized Dealer and MERIK.

Accrual Period: January 1 to December 31.

Advertising Period: January 1 to December 31.

Co-op Claim Frequency: All co-op claims should be submitted within 30 days from billing date but no more than 60 days from the date of actual qualifying action.

Claim Deadline: Final claims for program year must be submitted by the following February 28.

Payment: Payment to Authorized Dealer shall be made after March 15 of the following year by merchandise credit, invoices were paid according to terms and account is current at all times during the program year. Unclaimed Co-op allowance expires unused at program year’s end (co-op allowance does not carry over to next year).

Qualifying Actions: Please see the next page.

Qualifying Products: Only MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults and logos may be in the ad.

Prior Approval: Written approval of the proposed qualifying action must be obtained in advance of the start of any action. Failure to do so will result in disapproval of claims made prior to approval being granted. In support, your proposed qualifying action request, submit a draft of artwork, ad copy, scripts, and other creative material as well as cost estimate to Please ensure that you have a clear call to action in any action before submitting for consideration.

• The MERIK Authorized Dealer must inventory MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults for which they wish to advertise or promote. Please submit current display photos with approval requests. Submit to: 

Proof of Action: Submit claim forms with proof of action to support your claim: Newspaper tear sheets, circular, insert and direct mail pieces and billing; Radio and Television affidavit and billing; Photograph of exhibit showing MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults from Consumer show and model numbers of MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults displayed; Other information to support the claim as needed. Please be thorough when making the claim submission.

Advertised Prices: Must be in accordance with our current Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy. If a price is advertised, the MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults model number must appear near the price or illustration.




Newspaper, circular, insert and direct mail advertising:

MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults must be clearly illustrated.

MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults logo must be prominently displayed in your ad, either as a part of the headline or in the portion of the ad featuring MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults.

• No competing products in ads.

• Co-op Allowance applies to the percent of ad devoted to MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults only.

• Classified ads, Yellow Pages ads and telephone directories are not eligible for this program.

Television, Cable and Radio advertising must comply with the following guidelines:

1. Commercials must be 30- to 60-seconds in length, feature MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults and mention or show MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults name and/or logo as many times as your store’s name/location.

2. No competing products in the ad.

PPC, PPI and Visitor Retargeting Programs:

• Online Ads must have a specific call to action and click to a landing page specific to the Authorized Dealer and the MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults they offer. The landing page will track visits and have a call to action and lead-capture elements. Further, link to dealer website only if MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults are appropriately displayed on the website.

• NOTE: OwnerIQ PPI costs are not claimable, as MERIK will create and maintain the landing page and associated lead capture mechanisms as our contribution to this advertising effort. The dealer is responsible for the PPI cost.


1. Consumer Shows (including gun shows, etc) upon prior written approval by MERIK. The Authorized Dealer shall submit a proposal of cost, MERIK Gun Safes, and Gun Vaults to be displayed, layout and other pertinent details in advance of the show, and photos of actual show with the claim form. Co-op allowance shall be based on the percentage of space devoted to MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults products only.

2. Food cost incurred at demonstration events of the MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults. Submit store receipt and photos of the event.

3. Other promotional activities/items upon prior written approval by MERIK.


• Ad agency fees, ad department fees, creative fees, art production fees, and freight are not eligible.

• Website development costs are not eligible. MERIK has digital images available for download for appropriate use on the internet.

• Banner ads, internet directory listings, product listing fees (e.g. Amazon, Ebay) are not eligible.


• Authorized Dealers must make no product performance claims or warranties other than those specified in current product literature or factory-originated information. Doing so will disqualify co-op credit.

• Co-op claims not meeting requirements will be disallowed.

• Only MERIK management can authorize exceptions to any of the terms and conditions or art and copy guidelines listed in this program, which must be made in writing.

• Prior written approval must be requested of and obtained from MERIK for all potential Qualifying Actions. This is to ensure appropriateness of the action and creative materials to ensure the funds are spent well on effective means of promoting MERIK Gun Safes and Gun Vaults and brand. 


This program supersedes all previous programs. We reserve the right to change, withhold or withdraw any program at our discretion. Possession of this program confers no right to participate. © 2019 MERIK SAFE

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