We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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Become a MERIK Authorized Dealer

Join the MERIK family of Authorized Dealer and Vault Professional

  • Are you an experienced safe and vault dealer who wants to expand your product line with eye-catching, 21st-century, state-of-the-art safe and vault designs having real healthy profit margins? 
  • Are you a safe dealer who wants to grow your business into other locations with low overhead satellite showrooms that can effectively compete with even the largest, most well-established safe dealers?
  • Are you an experienced retail entrepreneur that wants to expand your retail footprint into safes, vaults and security hardware? Do you want to learn more about how to enter the lucrative safe and security hardware industry?
  • Are you interested in owning a "turnkey" MERIK Security Center?

Join the MERIK Family of Safe and Vault Professionals


MERIK is expanding and establishing a Nationwide Network of Safe and Security Professionals. Explore one of the fastest-growing authorized dealer programs in the safe industry today and potentially become a part of the MERIK family. MERIK Authorized Dealers are committed to providing the highest level of customer service to both their residential and commercial customers.

We have just set the new standard for Gun Safe and Gun Vault Designs and Security.

The MERIK Authorized Dealer Program offers:

  • Incomparable and highly creative gun safe and gun vault designs

  • Gun safes and gun vaults having four Levels of Security

  • Instant Authorized Dealer product discounts for LTL, truckload and container shipments

  • Special Authorized Dealer product promotions, brochures, and catalogs

  • Fact-based training by an account manager who is committed to your success

  • Technical support hotline

  • A brand that can be easily integrated into your existing business

  • Outstanding marketing support

  • Stand-out. The ability to differentiate your business and your gun safe and gun vault product line in a competitive retail and service market

  • High earnings potential

  • A coordinated Dealer to Dealer Customer Referral Program

  • Cooperative Advertising Allowance Program

  • A National Lead Distribution Program

  • National Social Media Integration

  • Professionally designed catalogs and brochures

  • In-store marketing tools, posters, and promotional signage

We hope you can be part of the movement as MERIK expands nationwide to provide consumers with a full range of top quality gun safes and gun vaults… the products people need, from a name they can trust.

What are the requirements?

TRAINING - Each MERIK Authorized Dealer is expected to make its staff available for regular training either in person or online. At a minimum of 2 times per year, these trainings are necessary to maintain representatives that are expert and consistent in their knowledge of MERIK Safes and related security products.

IN-STOCK INVENTORY - MERIK Authorized Dealers must prominently and effectively display five or more different current MERIK Gun Safes and/or Gun Vaults that are representative of the MERIK Safe product line in order to best convey MERIK Safe levels of security, standard features, and construction details. An exception may be made, at the discretion of the MERIK SAFE Regional Sales Manager.

MARKETING - MERIK Authorized Dealers must service the leads MERIK distributes. Service is evaluated by the following elements:

  • "MERIK" or "MERIK Authorized Dealer" signage or banners must be prominently displayed.
  • MERIK Dealers must accommodate customers by providing installation services or maintaining a current list of competent installers in their area.

SALES LEAD FOLLOW UP - MERIK Authorized Dealers must provide prompt service to the customer and trade leads that MERIK provides. MERIK does not mass distribute sales leads to multiple dealers. Therefore each lead a MERIK Authorized Dealer receives is expecting to hear back from that specific dealer. Prompt service will reflect well on both MERIK and the MERIK Authorized Dealer.

COMMITMENTCommit to the following five points to solidify your commitment to your business:

  1. Set Business Goals
  2. Engage in the Right Activities
  3. Stretch Yourself
  4. Visualize Success 
  5. Be Committed

It is fairly simple to set a goal. Reaching a goal is typically not as easy. Commitment is sticking with your goal, seeing it through to the end,  even when things get challenging! The difference between success and failure comes down to your resolve to follow through on your commitment.


I am interested. What is the next step? 

Please continue and answer a few simple questions to help our MERIK team review your inquiry. Once your information is reviewed, we will contact you with more information about this opportunity.

We look forward to hearing from you!  ... and ... Thank you for your interest!



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