MERIK Authorized Dealer Learning Center

MERIK Authorized Dealer Learning Center

The articles and videos are designed and created for MERIK Safe Authorized Dealers. All of the materials are available at no cost to our Dealers.

We encourage our dealers to contribute informative articles and videos.

Teaching Diverse

Articles and Videos available after Dealer Registration... 

Information for a new MERIK Authorized Dealer

The path to continued success is TOGETHER...
We do, you watch, we help...
You do, we watch, we help...
We all do, others watch, we all help.
We are stronger TOGETHER.

                                                        LMS, Director, MERIK SAFE


  • Dealership Owner's: Make Your Customers Your #1 Priority
  • Educate your staff so they make Your Customers Their #1 Priority
  • How to Provide Fanatical Customer Support - It's not an option
  • Don't Sell Anything, until you Understand your Customer's Needs and Wants
  • Is your Customer Support Coming up Short? How to make your Staff Accountable
  • Transforming the way you do business
  • Fair and Reasonable Consumer Pricing
  • Been there, done that. How to solve the Toughest Installation Challenges... with our assistance.
  • How to effectively use the Benefits of an Authorized Dealer Program
  • How to create an effective Referral Points Program in-store and on your business website

Marketing Your Security Center

  • Creating a website with a Call-To-Action
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics for your business
  • Backlinks basics
  • Local Advertising made simple
  • Facebook Advertising made simple
  • Instagram advertising made simple
  • Pinterest advertising made simple
  • LinkedIn advertising made simple
  • Google advertising made easy
  • Does anyone still use the Yellow pages? 

Selling tips

  • Cross-selling
  • The proper use of a Press Release
  • Should we leave a product brochure when we make a service call?

Video Library

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  • Understand your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.
  • What product lines/manufacturers products do your competitors sell? Proper preparation to ethically sell against ANY competitor.
  • Understanding the fine points of the MERIK Gun Safe and Gun Vault Comparison Chart
  • Learn how to effectively sell against Liberty, Ft Knox, Champion, Amsec, Cannon and other major brands... it's easy when you have a better product.
  • Understanding the impact of selling MERIK safes and vaults having designs that disrupt this century-old industry. No, we don't just sell "Boxes!"
  • Assisting your customer: Taking the mystery out of understanding a gun safe or gun vault's features and specifications. Proper use of the Gun Safe and Gun Vault Comparison Checklist 
  • How to turn an outdated Safe Shop or Locksmith Shop into a drop-dead-gorgeous SHOWROOM
  • How to effectively sell against online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or other Big Box online retailers.
  • How to create a killer website that will destroy your local competitors... with FACTS and TRUTH
  • How to effectively convey that you just don't sell safes... you sell, install and service safes and vaults.
  • How to assist a customer that has difficulties with any aspect of operating the gun safe or gun vault.
  • In-Store + Online + Social Media + Mass Media Ads + Gun and Home Shows....  How to grow your business by utilizing all current business strategies. Your success is directly related to your efforts.
  • Don't be afraid to open a security center across the street from your strongest competitor.  The immediate can do it better... we can help!
  • How to gain strength and grow your business with a Nationwide Network of like-minded dealers while still retaining your independence and/or individuality.
  • Safety, Safety, and Safety
  • What type of truck do I need to deliver a 4,000 pound safe?
  • How to load a safe onto a pickup truck
  • All of the equipment needed to ship, deliver and install a safe or vault
  • Understanding your customers' needs in order to make the right recommendation
  • The "What's going into your safe checklist" - to determine the right size safe
  • Questions to ask your customer regarding their safe or vault installation
  • How to properly perform an on-site installation survey
  • Preparation and acknowledging of a safe installation quotation
  • Your Sales Contract and Disclaimers - a discussion of things to consider.
  • We are on-site and ready to move the safe inside - Measure twice, move once
  • How to build a stair and door threshold ramp in less than 30 minutes
  • The proper use of safe dollies and round steel tubes
  • How to take a 4,000-pound safe off a shipping pallet
  • How to move a 4,000-pound safe over a pebble driveway, dirt or grass
  • When will I use a 4,000-pound Come-Along or Winch?
  • The proper use of Aircraft Aluminum Plates while moving a safe
  • How to take a 4,000-pound safe off a pallet jack
  • How to easily negotiate hallway turns with a 3,000 pound safe 
  • How to walk a safe up a staircase
  • How to move a safe downstairs
  • How to level a safe
  • How to anchor a safe to a concrete or wood floor 
  • How to touch up a scratch on a safe or vault - Airbrushing basics
  • The importance of leaving a spotlessly clean installation site
  • Properly demonstrating a customer's new safe features
  • Properly demonstrating how to change a combination to an eLock
  • Can one have too much security? What to tell your customer before departing
  • The Walkthrough - You've finished - The final walkthrough and sign-off...what to know, what to say and what to write.
  • Proper Followup - preparing and obtaining the ALL-IMPORTANT Customer Review
  • Sending the "Thank You Letter" - after the sale
  • Followup - "How did our installers perform their duties?"
  • Why, When and How to send new product and sale announcements to existing customers 
Dealers.... We encourage you to contribute informative articles and videos.
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