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Our Mission

To DISRUPT the Safe and Vault Industry by providing:
  • Innovative and highly functional safe and vault designs,
  • High-quality safes and vaults at each and every Level of Security,
  • Competitive pricing,
  • Transparent information to consumers to make well-informed decisions
  • Remarkable customer service within our company and through the leading-edge MERIK Authorized Dealer Program... before, during and after a sale is made.

We are seasoned business and security professionals bringing creativity, exciting product experiences, with national distribution aspirations.

We serve professional safe and vault technicians, professional locksmiths as well as professional security integrators by providing the MERIK Authorized Dealer Program that offers:

  • A wide range of high-quality security hardware, all under one exclusive brand name, MERIK
  • Special MERIK Authorized Dealer product promotions
  • A brand that can be easily integrated into your existing business
  • The ability to differentiate yourself and your product line in a competitive retail and service market
  • Freight discounts and allowances
  • A coordinated dealer to dealer customer assist and customer referral program
  • A national lead distribution program
  • A national safe delivery and installation program
  • Marketing Tools, Promotional Signage and Point-of-Purchase Displays to assist our dealers to help their customers to understand how to identify the right product for their specific needs and thoroughly understand the various Levels of Security for each product type
  • An Outstanding Gun Safe and Vault Lifetime Warranty

The Founder's Story

The foundation of the MERIK Safe concept traces back to the first-hand experiences that our founding visionary, Lawrence Schneiderhad with his previous venture in the security hardware industry.  Schneider got his start in the industry when he launched a security hardware distribution company in New York, which ultimately became U.S. Lock Corporation.  As Chairman, President, and CEO, it did not take long for him to grow the company into an industry leader with over 1,100 authorized U.S.Lock Security Centers and about 15,000 independent security professionals throughout the nation.  He would subsequently spearhead U.S. Lock’s acquisition. Today U.S. Lock is owned by Home Depot, which is the largest home center chain in the world. 


Schneider is now leveraging his highly successful 25-year track record to re-enter the industry as Chairman and CEO of MERIK Safe – and will maintain oversight of all the company’s departments.  Armed with a proprietary new brand of security products and a talented management team, he intends on replicating and fast-tracking his previous achievements for the sake of the MERIK shareholders.  

Key supporting team members are expected to include:

  Adam Schneider, General Manager - A versatile executive with significant experience in sales, management information systems, accounting, and purchasing.  He would be responsible for these areas of business for our company and is a valuable right hand for our CEO.

   Louis Nerys, Director of Safe and Vault Technologies - Having nearly two decades of successfully showcasing safes, vaults and security doors at numerous field venues he will introduce our new and innovative safe designs to industry professionals and provide the technical expertise and training to new MERIK Authorized Dealers.

  Zachary Schneider, Director of Distribution Services - Responsible for customer delivery support, warehousing, and product distribution. Additional responsibilities include planning along with the implementation of future distribution centers.

  Valerie Vakili, Social Media Marketing  - Creative forward-thinker with a unique insight into our target customers.  Assists with the creation and execution of MERIK’s social media marketing strategies and activities.

   Josh Vakili, Sales and Marketing - Served our nation for 7 years in the Marines and the Army. Josh joins our team to provide Gun Shops, Shooting Ranges and Safe Shops with a high degree of customer care including product recommendations as well as in-store marketing and promotional material to boost revenues and dealer customer loyalty.

Roberta Signoriello, Sales and Marketing - A 30+ year sales veteran in the security hardware industry. Deep product knowledge and vast customer base encompassing locksmiths as well as commercial, industrial and institutional accounts will enable her to open new MERIK Authorized Dealers rapidly.

  Kim Scott, Sales, and Marketing - 25+ years of sales and marketing experience, including Director of Sales for industry-leading security hardware distributor. Detail oriented with expertise in customer care and product knowledge for exceptional service.
    William Peeples, Technical Sales, Logistics and Service - Highly trained safe and vault tech that has 12+ years in customer service and sales. Adept in solving safe and vault technical issues as well as shipping, delivery, and installation solutions. 

  Teresa Agugliaro, Sales and Marketing -  Former sales manager for a builders hardware supply company for 10 years. Highly detailed and customer-centric work ethic. A very creative "deal-maker."

   Laurie Whiteman, Sales, and Marketing - 15 years of retail sales and marketing experience. Excellent product knowledge and brings to the table a new perspective on how to market gun safes and gun vaults in-store.

   Cindi Lus, Sales and Marketing - A veteran salesperson since 1997. Having sales experience at regional military bases and within the retail sector, she brings patience and creativity to her marketing approach.  

   Janet Greco, Sales and Marketing - Janet is a 30+ year sales professional specializing product details, marketing, and logistics. She is known for her responsiveness and follow up with respect to customer service.

   Adam Elpern, Sales Trainee - Highly motivated college student looking to provide customers with all that is needed. Adam has several years of retail experience under his belt and goes the extra mile to provide customers with superior service.