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UL TL-30x6 Rated Utility Safes

MERIK TL-30x6 Ultra High-Security Safes provide a high level of security and fire protection and have successfully passed the U.L. TL-30x6 testing standards.

U.L. TL-30x6 rating requires the "safe door and all six sides of the Bbody" to successfully resist attackusing common mechanical and electrical hand tools, carbide drills and pressure applying devices or mechanisms, and any combination of these means, for a net working time of 30 minutes. While a safe may be rated for a 30-minute attack, it actually is a longer attack if done by an actual burglar. This is because the actual test time is calculated when a tool attacks the safe. Note: When the tool comes off the safe the clock is stopped. The time spent switching tools and thinking about how to attack the safe is not counted. 

*NOTE: You should ask your insurance broker for guidance on content value and insurability, and for recommendations that may result in reductions in your insurance premiums by having a U.L. Listed TL-30x6 high-security safe. 

Estimated INSURABLE contents value*: 

  • With an alarm system: $500,000
  • Without an alarm system: $275,000

MERIK TL-30x6 Utility Safes on Sale - The #1 Rated TL-30x6 Utility Safe

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