We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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MERIK TL-30x6 Rated Ultra High Security Utility Safe Collection

The #1 Rated TL-30x6 Utility Safe

MERIK TL-30x6 Ultra High-Security Safes provide a high level of security and fire protection.  MERIK TL-30x6 Ultra High-Security Safes have successfully passed the U.L. TL-30x6 testing standards.

U.L. TL-30x6 Rating requires the "Safe Door and all 6 Sides of the Body" to successfully resist attackusing common mechanical and electrical hand tools, carbide drills and pressure applying devices or mechanisms, and any combination of these means, for a net working time of 30 Minutes. While safe or vault may be rated for a 30-minute attack, it actually is a longer attack if done by an actual burglar. This is because the actual test time is calculated when a tool attacks the safe or vault. Note: When the tool comes off the safe or vault the clock is stopped. The time spent switching tools and thinking about how to attack the safe is not counted. *NOTE: You should ask your insurance broker for guidance on content value and insurability before buying a safe, and for recommendations that may result in reductions in your insurance premiums by having a U.L. Listed TL-30x6 high-security safe. 

Estimated INSURABLE contents value*: 

  • With an alarm system: $500,000; 
  • Without an alarm system: $275,000. 

MERIK offers many satin stainless steel drawer options.

MERIK TL-30x6 Utility Safes on Sale

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