We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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MERIK Vault Doors

A safe room often referred to as a vault room, panic room, emergency shelter or storm shelter provides insurance against problems like theft, fire, home invasion or natural potentially catastrophic disasters such as a tornado or hurricane. They provide "Peace of Mind” in knowing your family and other valuables possession are protected. Such rooms can provide a safe and secure environment and often provide enough secure storage space for one's collection including firearms, jewelry and diamonds, personal heirlooms, prescription medications, cannabis, precious metals, business and family records, photograph, artwork, and numerous other types of collectibles.

MERIK vault doors are the initial barrier to safe rooms providing security against unwanted attacks from intruders, unauthorized visitors, and natural disasters. MERIK vault doors are designed for simple, fast and easy installation with common hand tools. These heavy-duty, fire protected, steel doors are usually installed in a pre-formed concrete or cement block opening. They are constructed with an interior quick-release mechanism.  In addition to their security features, MERIK vault doors also are available in many unique designs that blend with almost any decor.

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MERIK Vault Doors include the following specifications and features:

  • Overall block or concrete opening size (rough opening): 82" high x 40" wide
  • Vault door size: 78" high x 32" wide
  • Full 2-inch thick door constructed with 3 gauge (1/4") steel
  • 1/2” solid steel plate welded to the outside of the door
  • Full poured concrete insulation barrier within the door
  • 3 gauge (1/4") door jamb and header - left and right jamb sides are 5"  wide
  • Inswinging and outswinging models available
  • Gear-driven locking system
  • UL Listed Spy-proof key-locking dial
  • 20 massive 1-3/4" chrome-plated locking bolts
  • Choice of either a 5-spoke or deluxe wheel handle
  • Heavy-duty commercial grade, vault door hinges
  • Bolt detent system
  • Relocker device
  • Adjustable door frame joins together to fit a pre-formed concrete or cement block opening having a wall thickness from 4-3/4″ to 9-3/4″ 
  • An interior easy-locking and quick-release mechanism allows you to quickly lock the vault door after entering the safe room and safely exit the safe room when inside
  • All MERIK Vault Doors carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty *