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MERIK TL-30x6 Ultra High Security Vaults

The body and door successfully resist tool attack for 30 minutes.

Estimated insurable contents value:
    • with an alarm: up to $500,000
    • without an alarm: up to $275,000

SPECIAL NOTE: You should always ask your insurance broker for guidance on content value and insurability before buying a safe, and for recommendations that may result in reductions in your insurance premiums by having a UL Certified TL Vault. Burglary safe construction ratings were established by the insurance industry to develop a standard that will indicate the degree of protection a safe will provide against an attempted burglary attack. Performance ratings were established by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a not-for-profit independent testing organization. A TL-30x6 burglary rating signifies a combination-locked safe designed to offer maximum door protection against attack by common mechanical and electrical hand tools and any combination of these means. The label requires that the safe or vault be constructed of 1-inch solid steel or equivalent. The label means that the safe or vault body and door has been tested for a NET working time of 30 minutes using “common hand tools, drills, punches hammers, and pressure applying devices.” Net working time means “when the tool comes off the safe the clock stops.” There are more than fifty different types of attacks that can be used to gain entrance into the safe or vault. 

MERIK TL-30x6 Ultra High Security Vaults can have the interiors configured with either shelves to store your most valued possessions or configured for a combination of your firearms, ammo, and possessions. You can find the various sizes, finishes and configuration options by clicking on any of the images below.... or call us with your requirements and receive an IMMEDIATE PRICE QUOTATION.