Collection: MERIK TL-30X6 U.L. Listed High-Security Safes

The Merik TL-30X6 U.L. Listed ultra-high-security safe series specifications are as follows:

  • UL TL-30X6
    Merik Safe introduces its new and improved TL-30x6 U.L. Listed ultra-high-security safe. It includes our heavy-duty mechanism with our new high-tech multi-barrier construction to resist a concentrated attack with modern tools including picks, chisels, sledgehammers, abrasive disc cutters, drills, torches and the most dangerous of all -the hole saw. Our team composed of highly skilled engineers and safe technicians have come to develop a safe that combines the craftsmanship and robustness of how safes used to be made with today's modern engineering, advanced materials and manufacturing technology.
    This series are Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) listed safes that require the safe door and all 6 sides of the safe to successfully resist heavy burglary attack(s) for a net working time of 30 minutes. The rating is a physical test on the door and the body of the safe. The clock stops every time the tools come off the safe, during testing.
  • The TL30X6 door is constructed with massive steel plates and hard plates that are welded together via a complex alloy grid pattern and encased in our high-density matrix material. The entire door has an overall thickness of 7.1 inches. The combination of Merik’s barrier materials provide the door a strong barrier to protect against tool and torch attacks.
  • TL-30X6 safe
    TheTL-30X6’s safe body is constructed with a new high-tech security barrier that has massive steel plates and hard plates that are welded together via a complex alloy grid pattern and encased in a high-density matrix material on all six sides top to bottom. This superior mangan-alloy grid provides a 3.5 inch uniform solid and strong body making a safe with no weak spots and vulnerable areas for attack.
  • The TL-30X6 bolt work is manufactured with a heavy-duty 3-way locking mechanism having a long bolt throw that engages the bolts locking the door to the body of the safe. A continuous, reinforced interlocking rail secures the door on the hinge side. A proven and balanced design that's withstood the test of time. Merik cut no costs when designing the unique “pull and turn” mechanism which uses an ingenious clutch system that engages the mechanism and enables operating the handle only when both locks are open. This is a unique feature in the safe industry found on no other safe. Finally, four active relockers protect both locks and vital areas. Four relockers lock all the moving parts of the mechanism in the event the glass shatters by use of tools, torch or explosives, additionally locking the mechanism and preventing the safe from being opened. This is far from ordinary bolt work and a relocking mechanism. A unique and innovative “pull & turn” mechanism developed by engineering experts to protect your most valuable possessions. This is a patented design found on no other safe.
  • Locks are at the heart of security. The Merik TL-30X6 series safes are equipped with an Underwriters Laboratories listed combination lock and a maximum-security key changing key lock with detachable bit for easy carrying. An easy to operate U.L. listed digital combination lock can be supplied to exchange the mechanical combination or key lock as an optional extra.
  • When storing your valued assets in a TL-30X6 safe the estimated insurable contents value with an alarm system is $500,000. Without an alarm system the estimated insurable contents value is $275,000. Please note that the total insurable contents value is the estimated value of the contents or property stored within the safe, often covered in an insurance policy. It is the maximum dollar amount that an insurance company will pay out if the assets that the insurance company has insured is deemed lost due to theft or fire. You should ask your insurance broker for guidance and confirmation on contents value and insurability and for recommendations that may result in reductions in your insurance premiums by having an Underwriter Laboratories listed Merik TL-30X6 safe.
  • The door is appointed with a satin stainless steel facia-plate, a heavy duty pull handle, a deluxe tri-spoke handle, and heavy-duty welded surface-mounted hinges. The interior of the safe has steel shelves.
  • Many more sizes available then shown below. Please call us at 866-410-3310 for additional information.