Collection: MERIK Fire Resistant Safes

All MERIK Gun Safes, Utility Safes, and Jewelry Safes are constructed with resistant insulation. The insulation found in MERIK safes may come in either of two forms... an insulation board or a proprietary concrete mix. The brittle insulation board does provide fire protection, however, does not provide additional security because if an intruder cuts through the outer steel body of the safe, the brittle fire board is easily penetrated in seconds. MERIK's cement insulation creates another tough barrier for addition security to protect your most valued possessions. In addition, all MERIK safes having cement insulation are constructed with an inner steel liner, which provides an important third barrier of protection. "Fire resistant safes" does not equate to the commonly used term "fireproof safes." No safes are completely fireproof, they are fire resistant based on the type, quality and quantity of insulation provided.  For more information about fireproof safes or fire resistant safes feel free to contact one of our staff members to discuss and determine the safe model that will meet your needs.