We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
We Design, Manufacture & Deliver Safes Nationwide*
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Challenger Series Utility Safes


Two of the most important elements in utility safe construction are steel and the type of fire protection provided. MERIK put the steel back in safes. We construct all of our safes from the "outside in." We start with an outer steel body, add a proprietary cement filled body cavity (not sheet rock or dry fill mix that can be easily penetrated with common tools), then add an interior steel security liner. The rugged cement filled body cavity and the interior solid steel liner provides two additional barriers to further prevent attempted forced entry. MERIK builds safes up to higher standards, many of which were removed by many other manufacturers in order to sell down to a low price point, rendering most safes ineffective against a tool attack.

MERIK Challenger Utility Safe Standard Features INCLUDE: 

  • Fire Protection: 120 Minutes at 1700°F 
  • Safe Door Construction: 1/2" Thick Exterior Steel Door Plate + Proprietary Cement Filled Door + 1/8" Inner Steel Door Construction
  • Safe Body Construction: 1/8" Exterior Steel Body + Proprietary Cement Filled Body + 1/8" Inner Steel Security Liner - Creating a "Safe within a Safe"
  • 4-Way Bolt Work - 1-1/2" Diameter Bolts - Horizontal and Vertical Boltwork
  • MERIK Challenger Utility Safes are available in the following sizes:
  •   30’’h x 22”w x 22’’d having  12  1-1/2" diameter active locking bolts (2-up, 2-down, 4-left, 4 right) - 2 adjustable steel shelves. Weight: Approx. 286 lbs
  •   40’’h x 24”w x 24’’d having  14  1-1/2" diameter active locking bolts (2-up, 2-down, 5-left, 5 right) - 3 adjustable steel shelves. Weight: Approx. 397 lbs
  •   50’’h x 26”w x 26’’d having  16  1-1/2" diameter active locking bolts (2-up, 2-down, 6-left, 6 right) - 3 adjustable steel shelves. Weight: Approx. 662 lbs
  •   60’’h x 30”w x 28’’d having  18  1-1/2" diameter active locking bolts (2-up, 2-down, 7-left, 7 right) - 4 adjustable steel shelves. Weight: Approx. 838 lbs
  •   70’’h x 36”w x 28’’d having  20  1-1/2" diameter active locking bolts (2-up, 2-down, 8-left, 8 right) - 4 adjustable steel shelves. Weight: Approx. 1102 lbs

MERIK Challenger Utility Safes have a textured charcoal gray powder coat finish and appointed with a stainless steel escutcheon plate.