Gun Safe locking bolts

Will more gun safe locking bolts mean the gun safe is more secure?

This is a common question asked of safe dealers. The answer is clearly YES, the greater the number of locking bolts around the safe or vault door reduces the possibility of the door being pried open. In addition,  the bolts having a larger the diameter further reduces the possibility of the door being forced open.  You should also take note of the steel thickness or steel gauge for the body and the door of the safe as well. Each element of the safe works in harmony. The steel gauge of the door jamb should be a minimum of 12 gauge.  If any of these steel thicknesses are less than 12 gauge there is a good chance that the door can be pried open during an attack with a prybar or crowbar or other similar common hand tools. Both the door and the door jamb are subject to bend easily if less than 12 gauge. (NOTE: many gun safes sold online are constructed with 14, 16 and even 20 gauge steel. Please note: The higher the steel gauge number the thinner the steel thickness. It is imperative to view steel specs BEFORE making a purchase. If specifications are undisclosed you may want to call or email the seller to be certain before making a purchase.) Also, note....  We understand that budget is often a consideration when purchasing a gun safe, but one should always consider the value of the contents being stored in the safe and the time, cost and effort to replace your lost property.

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