Portable grinder that cuts through safe body

Why is a high velocity steel grinder the biggest threat to a cheap gun safe or gun cabinet?

Substandard gun safes and gun cabinets refers to a gun cabinet passed on or sold as a gun safe. Do you think all gun safes are secure merely because they are advertised as being a high quality safe? What is the contents value of the items you intend on storing in a safe?

Most of the safe break-ins are done quickly with the use of a pry bar that forces the door open or a portable high velocity steel grinder that cuts quickly through the side walls of inexpensive safes which are usually constructed with steel measuring 14 gauge to as little as 20 gauge. A high velocity portable grinder will make quick work of the safe's thin walls and will expose your most valued possessions to thief once the drywall layer is easily removed. Thieves know this and rarely attack the door as it is usually the strongest part of the safe. In the last 20 years the safe industry has taken most of the thickness out of the steel to satisfy a low price point for the big box stores. MERIK has put back that steel in their safes by not only providing a thicker outer body liner, but additionally MERIK has added an inner steel liner to its safes, the same thickness as the outer steel body. Merik has also introduced concrete insulation blends as the insulation barrier (to achieve high fire ratings) instead of the sheet rock insulation that most other manufacturers use. This also provides a third solid barrier for an intruder to attempt to break through. So when it comes to gun safe security, Merik constructs the real security solution that will provide you with that "PEACE OF MIND" that most safe buyers require. 

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