How to select the correct safe for your needs

Why are you thinking about buying that gun safe?

Why are you thinking about buying that gun safe? Did you like the pretty color? Was it within your budget? Were you attracted to the cool looking gun safe handle? Was it a convenient size to meet your current storage needs? Did you just leave it to the salesperson to make a recommendation for you? Was it on sale at your local big box store? Did they promise that if you don't like it you can just return it? Was it only 300 pounds and you figured you could move it yourself?

We urge you to spend 30 minutes with a trained safe professional to clearly understand your current and future storage needs... if you're about to make an investment in a safe that should last a lifetime. If a trained professional is not available please review the points found at this link. It discusses selecting the correct safe size, the safe body and door construction, the importance of properly anchoring a safe, why you should think twice before buying a cheap safe to keep fiirearms out of the reach of children. You can get a quick, 2 minute lesson about a safe's fire rating and burglar rating. You'll find out where and why you should select the right place for your safe, and understand the pros and cons of a mechanical safe dial vs an electronic safe keypad. And finally learn how to get the biggest bang for your buck... or just call a pro at MERIK! ....Where "An Educated Consumer is their Best Customer"


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