Where should I place a safe?

Why Bolt Down a Gun Safe?

Before we tackle the reason why to anch or bolt down a gun safe let's take a look at where to place the gun safe. Location is vitally important. The safe industry has, for many years, recommended that a gun safe should either be placed in a closet, a basement or in a garage. Many safe professionals have made this recommendation because safes have not blended well with the home's interior decor. MERIK Safe has made an effort to create more attractive and appealing looking gun safes. The benefit in doing so is that the if the gun safe was in a more accessible location one would have quicker access to fireams than having to run out to a garage, down to a basement or try to access weapons from a crowded closet, when needed quickly. You can't tell an intruder to wait a few minutes while you access your weapon, when every second counts.

Find a convenient location that offers immediate access. PERIOD. You won't be sorry you did.

Three Important Reasons to Bolt Down a Gun Safe:

  • If the gun safe is not bolted or anchored to the floor it can be easily tipped over onto its back. Once the safe is on its back an intruder can ususally have more success trying to open the safe with large pry bars to force the safe open, especially if the safe door is constructed with 16 gauge, 14 gauge, or even 12 gauge steel and if the safe door has less than 12 locking bolts. None of the above examples pertain to a MERIK Gun Safe.
  • It is significantly more difficult to force open the safe using pry bars when the safe is properly anchored to the floor because the burglar may not be able to apply adequate leverage on the pry bar to force the door away from the frame
  • If the gun safe is properly anchored to the floor the safe cannot be removed from the premises where a burglar has the time, the tools and is not in fear of having to deal with an alarm system that has been set off and/or awaiting the arrival of the police.


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