Where should I place a safe in my home?

Where Should I Put a Safe in My Home? 

You may be wondering where in your home could be the best possible place to install a safe. Even though every home is different and there may not be the perfect answer for this question, there are certain rules to follow when deciding where to place a safe in your home.

Why is it Important to Own a Safe?

It is incredibly important to own a safe because there are some things that simply can not be replaced such as important documents, family heirlooms, photos, collector items, and jewelry. It is also important to own a safe for safety reasons such as keeping your firearms protected. So, if there is a frightening event that takes place in your home such as a burglary, flood, fire, or some kind of other disaster, you will have "Peace of Mind" in knowing that your irreplaceable items are protected. 

Where is the Best Place in Your Home to Install Your Safe?

There is no one perfect place to install your safe in your home, but there are certain guidelines you can follow. In the event your home being burglarized, it is best to place your safe in a part of your home where you have quick and unobstructed access to you firearms. If your concern is flooding or a similar natural disaster, it would be wise to install your safe in an area of your home that is above ground level. If your concern is protection from fire, it would be best to install your safe on the ground floor where the safe can be quickly accessed in a worst case scenario. It would also be wise to place it near a ceiling sprinkler if applicable. 



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