MERIK SAFE with a Redundant lock

What are the benefits of a Redundant Safe Lock? | Electromagnetic Pulse

Having a Redundant Safe Lock provides the safe owner the ability to open the safe in the event that your electronic side fails, for any reason, or due to electrical failure or and EMP event.

What is an EMP event? An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy. Such a pulse's origin may be a natural occurrence or man-made and can occur as a radiated, electric or magnetic field or a conducted electric current depending on the source. EMP interference is generally disruptive or damaging to electronic equipment, and at higher energy levels a powerful EMP event such as a lightning strike can damage physical objects such as buildings and aircraft structures. 

Weapons have been developed to deliver the damaging effects of high-energy EMP.

The mechanical side of your safe lock will grant you entry or access to your safe. So if you like the speed and convenience of an electronic lock with a mechanical back up system than a Redundant Safe Lock can be a good investment.

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