MERIK Odyssey Gun Safe

Unleashing Superior Protection: MERIK's Odyssey Gun Safes

Unleashing Superior Protection: MERIK's Odyssey Gun Safes

In the world of firearm ownership, security and safety are paramount. MERIK's Odyssey Gun Safes, with their unwavering dedication to safeguarding your firearms and valuables, are a testament to the fusion of innovation and strength. The Odyssey model, measuring 70 inches in height, 38 inches in width, and 28 inches in depth (add 2-1/2 inches for wheels), offers a level of security that sets it apart from the competition. In this article, we explore the exceptional specifications and features that make the MERIK Odyssey Gun Safe a true guardian of your valuables.

Unparalleled Specifications

The MERIK Odyssey Gun Safe boasts an impressive set of specifications that make it a fortress of security:

Fire Protection: With a remarkable fire protection capability of 120 minutes at 1600°F, the Odyssey Gun Safe ensures that your firearms and possessions remain intact even in the face of raging fires.

Insulation: The proprietary cement mix insulation material enhances the safe's fire resistance and contributes to maintaining an optimal internal temperature.

Exceeding U.L. Standards: The construction of the Odyssey Gun Safe goes beyond U.L. RSC standards, delivering residential security that's a cut above the rest.

Dual-Layer Door Construction: The safe's door is built with 5/32" (9 gauge) exterior steel, proprietary cement mix, and 5/32" (9 gauge) inner steel, creating a robust barrier against intrusion and fire.

Inner Steel Security Liner: A distinctive feature of the Odyssey Gun Safe is its "Safe within a Safe" concept, realized through the inclusion of a security liner. This ensures enhanced security for your valuables.

Eight-Way Active Bolts: A total of 20 eight-way active bolts, including horizontal, vertical, and corner bolts, fortified with 1-3/4" diameter chrome-plated locking bolts, form an impenetrable defense against unauthorized access.

Solid Steel Bolt Protector: A massive solid steel bolt protector surrounds the door, providing an additional layer of protection and preventing tampering.

Electronic Lock: The U.L. Listed SecuRam Electronic Lock ensures swift and secure access to your firearms and valuables.

Modern Convenience: The Odyssey Gun Safe incorporates modern features, including 2 AC power supply outlets and 3 USB ports, facilitating the charging of electronic devices within the safe.

Premium Finish: The textured powder coat finish on both the body and door, appointed with stainless steel rivets on the door, not only enhances the safe's aesthetics but also protects against wear and tear.

Complete Package

The MERIK Odyssey Gun Safe comes as a complete package, offering features that truly define the pinnacle of security:

Protective Security Pedestal: The inclusion of a protective security pedestal adds an extra layer of protection and stability.

Modular Configuration: The silver/gray carpeted interior, fully carpeted and Velcro-friendly, accommodates various gun configurations and attachments. The safe interior is designed to be adaptable to your needs.

Smooth Locking Mechanism: An ultra-smooth cam-driven locking mechanism ensures that the door opens and closes effortlessly.

Chrome-Plated Deluxe Handles: The dual chrome-plated deluxe round wheel handles add a touch of security and elegance to the safe's functionality.

Anchor Holes: Four pre-drilled 9/16" diameter anchor holes allow you to securely bolt the safe to the floor, further enhancing its resistance to theft.

Fire Door Seal: An intumescent expanding fire door seal acts as a barrier against fire and smoke, providing comprehensive protection.

Heavy-Duty Hinges: The heavy-duty external hinges on the right side contribute to the safe's sturdiness and resistance to tampering.

Welded Steel Body: The fully continuous welded steel body ensures the safe's durability and integrity.

Mechanical Relocker and Hard Plates: The inclusion of a mechanical spring-loaded relocker and 3/8" solid gauge AR500 hard plates reinforces the safe's defense against unauthorized access.

Final Thoughts

With the MERIK Odyssey Gun Safe, you're not just investing in a secure storage solution; you're securing peace of mind. Its exceptional specifications, innovative features, and complete package make it a beacon of security within the firearm community. While its formidable construction and protective measures ensure the safety of your firearms, the Odyssey Gun Safe is a testament to MERIK's commitment to providing a stylish and secure haven for your valuables.

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