MERIK Safe unique safe designs

The WOW Factor. Gun Safe, Jewelry Safes and Vaults Reimagined.

Although MERIK Safe is a young company it has gained a great deal of attention because of its unique safe designs and the company's ability to customize their lines of gun safes and jewelry safes to accommodate their customers' needs. Here are just a few ways the MERIK fireproof gun safe, home safes and jewelry safes stack up against the competition:

1. Welcome to the twenty first century. MERIK Safe Patented and Patent Pending designs are undoubtedly unique. The designs bring a creative and eye pleasing look to any home or office interior. No need to place safe in a basement, garage or a closet. The vast majority of safes manufactured in the US to date, by virtually all safe manufacturers, have had a "boxy" look for over one hundred and fifty years.  
2. The MERIK Apollo, Matrix, Odyssey, Javelin, Orion, Intrepid and Thunder Gun Safes and Home Safes for sale are manufactured with an inner steel liner that has the same steel thickness (steel gauge) as the outer steel body... at no extra cost to MERIK customers.
3. MERIK Gun Safes come with more active door locking bolts, 1-3/4" in diameter, and most models come with corner bolts at no additional charge.
4. MERIK Gun Safes (listed above) have cement insulation, instead of fire board insulation, between the outer steel body and inner steel liner... providing not just a fire barrier, but creates an additional security barrier to attempted forced entry.
5. MERIK Gun Safes (listed above) come with interior LED lights, 3 power outlets and USB Ports, a Dehumidifier all at no additional cost.
6. MERIK Gun Safes arrive with fully carpeted interiors.
7. MERIK Gun Safes' (listed above) boltwork are projected into the frame of the safe for greater security, and don’t slide across the frame.

MERIK believes that "an educated customer is its best customer."


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