Safe relocker

Someone tried to force my safe open. Will my safe be operable if the relocking device is activated?

What is a relocker device? A relocker is a mechanical device inside a safe door that automatically locks the safe door in the event of an attempted forced entry. There a several types of relockers. One such device is the mechanical spring loaded relocker which has a metal bar that falls into a slot when triggered. It will lock the door, thus preventing the door from opening. The second type is a glass relocker that will automatically engage the relocker once the glass is broken or breaks during an attempted break in to the safe. Relockers represent a secondary line of defense in case the safe is compromised. This device will guarantee that the door on your safe will remain closed and locked. In order to restore your safe to a functional status a licensed locksmith or safe dealer must drill one small hole at a specific co-ordinate (given to him by the safe manufacturer) to reset the re-locker(s). Once he has finished his task he will fill the hole with a metallic putty and ball bearings. This will dry nearly as hard as the original steel. Once sanded and painted no one will know that the safe was drilled. The ball bearings will snap any drill bit if another attempt is made. So... yes your safe can be restored to almost its original condition.
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