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"Secure Your Firearm: A Guide to Buying the Right Gun Safe"

Buying a gun is a big decision, but it's just the first step. Once you own a firearm, it's crucial to ensure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, statistics show that a high percentage of accidental shooting incidents involving children occur in homes where firearms are not safely stored. Additionally, gun theft is a serious issue, with hundreds of thousands of firearms being stolen each year. The good news is that investing in a gun safe can significantly reduce these risks.

If you're unsure where to start when it comes to buying a gun safe, here are the top four questions to consider:

  1. What size gun safe do you need? The answer depends on the firearms you intend to keep in the safe. Handgun boxes are ideal for storing a single handgun, while a gun safe is necessary for larger firearms like shotgun and rifles.
  2. Are all gun safes fireproof?  All gun safes are fireproof, otherwise it is just a gun cabinet.  So it's essential to look for labeling that explicitly states this feature. When purchasing a gun safe, look for one that meets or exceeds 1,200 degrees in fire resistance.
  3. Do security safes provide the same protection? 
  4. Gun safes are designed to prevent burglary attacks, in addition they should also have fire resistant insulation. Fire resistant  gun safes are built to withstand high temperatures. It's best to invest in a gun safe that provides both features. 


A gun safe is a vital investment in keeping you and your family safe. At MERIK Safe, we offer a wide variety of safes to fit your needs, from pistol safes to heavy-duty gun vaults. If you have questions about purchasing a gun safe, our safe professionals are here to help! Call us at 1-866-410-3310 or visit our website at

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