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Expert Opinion: Mechanical Safe Lock vs. Electronic Safe Lock

Mechanical Lock

As we all know a mechanical lock has been around for quite some time. In today’s fast-paced world most people prefer the convenience and speed of an electronic lock. The Dial or Mechanical lock will take up to five times longer than an Electronic lock to open your safe. Most new safe owners have a problem with getting used to the sequence of the amount of left to right turns needed to successfully unlock and open their safe.  In an emergency the speed and convenience of opening an electronic lock could be life-saving. During an emergency most people (during an unnerving situation) will not be able to sequence the dial properly to open their safe. Distractions and nerves play a significant part in dramatically slowing the entry into ones safe. One does not and cannot afford the loss of time during a distressing emergency.

Electronic safe lock

The electronic lock also has many features that a dial does not have. Having an electronic lock will give you the opportunity to change your combination any time you may wish. You also have the ability to have multiple users with different combinations other than your own... with the dial that is not an easy task to perform. Several Electronic lock models can also record who enters the safe and can report multiple user access.

Opinion: Electronic locks have many more features and advantages as compared to Mechanical locks that are well worth considering.

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