Do you think you need a gun safe?

Do you think you need a gun safe?

If you own a Gun or a Rifle... YOU NEED A GUN SAFE.

One may think it's a simple task to select the right type of gun safe that you may need. Is your decision based on a familiar name or is it based on the size of the safe you feel you need or the insurable contents value... or is your selection based on the fire rating of the safe or steel thickness? Are you living in a state where you may have a serious liabiltiy claim against you if your firearms are not properly stored in a safe? Have you considered the pros and cons of a mechanical dial versus an electronic keypad? Have you considered where to place a safe and how to move and properly fasten the safe to a wood floor or concrete floor? Will you lighting or a dehumidifier inside the safe? Check for the answers to all of the above question or call a technical customer service pro at 561-334-3778 for assistance with making a purchase.


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