Gun safe steel thickness

Consider Gun Safe Steel Thickness - Not all safes are created equal!

The gun safes' walls and door are for the most part the first areas of attack by an intruder. Intruders often use such common hand tools as screwdrivers, hammers or pry bars. If an attack is made to a gun safe constructed of 14 gauge steel or a thinner steel gauge (such as 16gauge or  18gauge) the intruder has a good chance of beaking in to the safe and stealing your possessions. 

Not all gun safes are created equal. Why? Gun safes are priced based on the steel gauge for the body and door, type of fire insulation and lock type. Gun Safe dealers tend to carry gun safes for sale at various price points usually to satisfy different buyers' budgets. Remember, you often get what you pay for. Check to see if the gun safes you are considering have...

  • An inner steel security liner. It is included in most all MERIK gun safes.
  • Make sure the inner steel liner is the same thickness as the outer steel body. It provides another barrier from attack...drastically slowing down the attack. Most intruders will break in and leave your home within 10 minutes for fear of being caught.
  • Cement for an insulation barrier? The cement is also an additional barrier to slow down the intruder.
  • The inner steel liner creates a "Safe within a Safe."

Purchase a gun safe based on its specifications and features, not just the price.

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