Buying a Good Gun Safe

10 Tried and True ways to know if I am Buying a Good Gun Safe

Owning a firearm comes with immense responsibility and ensuring that it's stored safely is just as important as learning how to use it. This is where gun safes come in. A gun safe is a secure storage unit designed to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. With so many gun safes on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are ten tried and true ways to know if you are buying the correct gun safe.

  1. Size matters: The size of your gun safe should be big enough to fit all of your firearms and other valuable items such as important documents, cash, coins and jewelry. Ensure you choose a safe that can accommodate future purchases of guns, and other valuables.
  2. Level of security: The level of security you require depends on the value of the items you plan to store in the safe. Gun safes have different  fire resistance ratings due to the composition and thickness of the insulation. Be sure to choose one that meets your needs and security specifications, such as the thickness of the steel walls and door or the introduction of an inner steel liner to meet a security level that you are comfortable with.
  3. Locking mechanism: Gun safes come with different locking mechanisms,  electronic or mechanical locks. Electronic locks are convenient as they are five times quicker to open in case of an emergency situation. Electronic locks are also easier to change the combination any time that is required.  Mechanical locks are reliable, but take more time to open and in an emergency situation where the owner may be nervous, the opening of the safe can be missed if one is off by only one number.
  4. Weight and durability: The heavier and more robust the safe, the harder it is to move or break into. Be sure to bolt down the gun safe as criminals with the right equipment can remove your safe and open it up at another place where time is no longer an issue and they have the proper tools.
  5. Type of door: Gun safe doors can be made of different materials, including steel and composite materials. Steel doors offer the most significant level of protection. This would be true if the amount of steel in the door and in the body and frame is robust enough to withstand a determined prying attack. Make sure that the amount of steel in the door and the body is more than adequate. There are a lot of glorified gun cabinets being sold to the unassuming public as safes. Don't fall for the illusion of false security. 
  6. Fire protection: Choose a gun safe that offers fire protection. Look for a fire rating that meets or exceeds your needs.
  7. Shelving and interior: Consider the interior of the gun safe when making your purchase. You want one that has ample shelving. Remember that scopes attached to your firearms will take up to two spaces in the safe, thus depleting the actual number of firearms your safe can accommodate. One should have enough compartments to organize your ammunition and other valuable items.
  8. Brand reputation: It's important to choose a reputable brand when buying a gun safe. Your peace of mind may be compromised by even reputable dealers selling you the illusion of security and not the real solution to your needs, just to meet a cheap price point. 
  9. Warranty: Make sure your gun safe comes with a warranty. This will ensure that if you have any issues, you can quickly get them resolved.
  10. Price: Gun safes can be expensive, but the price shouldn't be the only factor in making your decision. You want to ensure that you are purchasing a safe that meets all of your needs, and is within a reasonable budget. The bitterness of poor quality lingers long past a cheap price is forgotten.

In conclusion, owning a gun comes with a significant level of responsibility, and one of those responsibilities is ensuring that it's stored safely. By following these ten tried and true ways to know if you are buying the correct gun safe, you can rest assured that your firearms are safe and secure. 

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