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You always seem to get what you pay for.

Gun Safe Specifications

Do your homework. When an unassuming gun safe buyer purchases a product that is nothing more than a glorified cabinet, the decision to save some money, may in fact leave one wide open to the event and reality that you may lose your most valuable possessions and firearms. Having more steel in a safe will definitely equate to the real life fact, that should a criminal be equipped with a power tool, 14 gauge and 16 gauge steel safes are nearly ineffective against a forced attack on your cabinet. Your most valued possessions may be gone in less than 5 minutes!  Do your homework and research the gun safe specs that you will need to protect your valuables to give you that ever so elusive PEACE OF MIND! Certain valuables in life are priceless. So as a client myself I live by this quote... You always seem to get what you pay for. 

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