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Why Do Guns Rust In A Safe?

Prevent humidity in a gun safe Why do guns rust in a safe?

Rust is a gun owner's worst nightmare.
If your firearms become subject to rust, it will eat away at the metal and can create a surface that is no longer solid and potentially dangerous. Rust happens when water and oxygen combine and cause metal to oxidize. So, it is very important to keep your firearm at the right temperature and in a controlled environment. 
It is very important that you take several steps to ensure that your firearms do not rust: 
  • First, you can use a dehumidifier to make sure that you do not have excess moisture in your safe. Remember, water and oxygen create rust, so the less water in the air, the less likely you will encounter rust on your gun. Just be sure to not go crazy with this, and monitor your items. If it gets too dry in your safe, you could dry out any wood that is part of your firearm. 
  • Next, you can make sure that your safe is positioned on an interior wall of your home. The walls of your home will insulate your safe, and therefore prevent it from getting too warm. This is a much better option as opposed to leaving your safe in a place like your garage or down in a humid basement. 
  • Finally, always keep tabs on your safe and your firearms. Check in on things daily to make sure it does not get too dry or moist. If you see signs of rust, better to address it early than later. 

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