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What should be stored in a safe?

Many people think that they just need to store guns and jewelry in a safe. You may want to consider some, or all of the following items...Firearms - Long Guns, Pistols, Handguns, SBR's, Ammunition, Archery Equipment, Knife Collections, Prescription Medications, Jewelry and Diamonds, Cash, Passports, Travel Tickets, Deeds, Contracts, Stocks and Bonds, Precious Metals - Gold and Silver, Family Silverware, Insurance Policies, Stun Guns, Extra sets of Keys, Coin Collections, Baseball, Basketball and Football Card Collections, Stamp Collections, Software, Birth Certificates, Laptop Computers, Computer Discs, Computer Memory Sticks, iPads, Diaries, Rare Books, collectible Wine and Liquor, Family Heirlooms, Family Photos and Film Negatives, Geneology Records, 
Wedding Photographs, Business Records, Baseball Memorabilia, Art Collections, Fishing Reels, Antique Musical Instruments, Comic Book Collections, Tax Records, ….and more.

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