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The National Safe Advisor: — TL-30x6 rated gun safe

Do Gun Safes Prevent Accidents? 

Do Gun Safes Prevent Accidents? 

Locking up your firearms in a well-contructed gun safe or gun vault can significantly reduce gun-related deaths and injuries. Many gun safes for sale that are meant to store firearms are made quite poorly and can be easy to break into. In addition the standards for gun security or gun safes for sale don’t really cut it. 

by Larry Schneider

Are Gun Safes Hard to Break Into?

It's always about CONTENTS VALUE.

It's always about CONTENTS VALUE.

Purchasing a safe can be difficult, so it's best to focus on the most important points such as Steel Thickness of the Body and Door, is there an Inner Steel Liner, what type of insulation - Cement or Drywall, Locking Bolts - the quantity, bolt diameter, and location of the bolts, the Fire Rating, Weight of the safe, where will it be placed within your residence or business and are there limitations, is the safe sized large enough to accommodate present as well as future needs, the Interior Configuration of the safe, and, of course... your budget.  Many people overlook the Content Value to be...

by Larry Schneider



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